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Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest


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 Written by
Stephen King Story
Dode B. Levenson Writer

 Directed by
James D.R. Hickox


 Release Date
September 12, 1995

1 hours and 32 minutes (92 minutes)

Daniel Cerny
  Eli Porter
Ron Melendez
  Joshua Porter
Jim Metzler
  William Porter
Nancy Lee Grahn
  Amanda Porter
Jon Clair
  Malcom Elkman
Mari Morrow
  Maria Elkman
Michael Ensign
  Father Frank Nolan
Duke Stroud
Garvin Funches
Rif Hutton
Johnny Legend
  Derelict Man
Gina St. John
Yvette Freeman
Terence Mathews
James O'Sullivan
  Charles Brady
Rance Howard
Ivana Miličević
  Eli's Follower / Acolyte
Charlize Theron
  Eli's Follower

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