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Creed II

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 Written by
Sylvester Stallone Characters
Sylvester Stallone Screenplay

 Directed by


 Release Date
November 20, 2018

130 minutes

Sylvester Stallone Robert "Rocky" Balboa, Sr.
Tessa Thompson Bianca Taylor
Wood Harris Tony "Little Duke" Evers
Dolph Lundgren Ivan Drago
Brigitte Nielsen Ludmilla Drago
Milo Ventimiglia Robert Balboa
Russell Hornsby Buddy Marcell
Carl Weathers Apollo Creed (archive)
Ana Gerena Adrian's Waitress
Michael Buffer Himself
Roy Jones Jr. Roy Jones Jr.

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By Gruic on January 14, 2019

Creed II is both a sequel of Rocky IV as well as a plagiarism. The story of Rocky IV was very weak, it was more a great music clip than a standard movie (and musics from Rocky IV are masterpieces).

Following that legacy, Creed II is more spectacular and less smart than the first Creed, but musics are amazing.

If you want to use the Drago legacy and characters for a movie, you have to do it that way.

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by Jack Anderson on 2018-06-20 10:42:56 ET
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First Poster of Creed II Released
by Jack Anderson on 2018-06-19 17:22:32 ET
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242 days ago

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