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 Written by
Ryan Coogler Screenplay
Aaron Covington Screenplay
Sylvester Stallone Characters
Ryan Coogler Story

 Directed by
Ryan Coogler


 Release Date
November 25, 2015

2 hours and 13 minutes (133 minutes)

Michael B. Jordan
  Adonis Creed
Sylvester Stallone
  Robert "Rocky" Balboa, Sr.
Tessa Thompson
Phylicia Rashād
  Mary Anne Creed
Tony Bellew
  "Pretty" Ricky Conlan
Alex Henderson
  Young Adonis Johnson
Graham McTavish
  Tommy Holiday
Wood Harris
  Tony "Little Duke" Burton
Ritchie Coster
  Pete Sporino
Brian Anthony Wilson
Gabe Rosado
  Leo "The Lion" Sporino
Jacob 'Stitch' Duran
Liev Schreiber
  HBO 24/7 Narrator (voice)
Michael Buffer
Tony Kornheiser
Michael Wilbon
Hans Marrero
Will Blagrove
Malik Bazille
Joey Eye
  Sporino Cut Man
Kevin King Templeton
  Press Conference Moderator
Roy James Wilson
  City Jail Cop
Mauricio Ovalle
  Flores' Trainer
Mark Smith
  Conlan's Buddy
Manny Ayala
  Welterweight #1
Anthony Martins
  Welterweight #2
Frank Pesce
  Mickey's Gym Doorman
Max Kellerman
Nelson Bonilla
  Staff Member #2
Troy Faruk
  Staff Member #3
Claire Bronson
  Social Worker
Ludwig Göransson
  Bianca's Band
Jalil Jay Lynch
  Dirt Bike Rider
Christopher Jon Gombos
  Security Guard

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A superb reboot
By Jack Anderson on March 12, 2018

I love this movie. I know it may deserve more a 6 or 7 than an 8, but I was really stunned when watching this movie in the theater. This movie is more than refreshing in the Rocky saga, it really reboots the saga in the best of ways. Of course, Rocky should have been a trainer in the previous film (Rocky Balboa). It made no sense that he would still try to fight at his age.
Therefore, this is the first film where Rocky is really a trainer (I don't count the horrible Rocky V). And it works beautifully. Also, the fact that Rocky is fighting his own battle at the same time (cancer) makes the story even more powerful, in a typical Rocky fashion.

The fight is incredible, in the way that it is the first time we get to see it filmed that way in the Rocky franchise. The camera is moving with the actors and stay and stay and stay, as if it was a character on its own. It's really an outstanding job.

A superb movie, with lots of emotions and technically top notch.

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