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The Sun Never Sets


The Sun Never Sets on IMDb

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 Written by
W. P. Lipscomb Screenplay
Arthur Fritz-Richards Story
Jerry Horwin Story

 Directed by
Rowland V. Lee


 Release Date
May 31, 1939

1 hours and 37 minutes (97 minutes)

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
  John Randolph
Basil Rathbone
  Clive Randolph
Barbara O'Neil
  Helen Randolph
Lionel Atwill
  Hugo Zurof
Virginia Field
  Phyllis Ransome
C. Aubrey Smith
  Sir John Randolph
Melville Cooper
Mary Forbes
  Mrs. Randolph
John Burton
  Simon Randolph
Arthur Mulliner
  Uncle Gerald Randolph
Theodore von Eltz
Douglas Walton
Cecil Kellaway
  Colonial Official
Lionel Belmore
  Third Selection Board Member
Sidney Bracey
  Minister of Colonial Affairs
Jess Lee Brooks
  Angry Heavyset Chief
Russell Burroughs
  Young Candidate
Frederick Clarke
  Dr. Anderson
Harry Cording
  Zurof Camp Guard
Jack Deery
  Command Bomber Pilot
Al Duvall
  Kim Kroo
James Eagles
  Assistant Operator
Mary Field
Lawrence Grant
  Second Selection Board Member
Eddie Hall
  Henchman Bringing John Randolph Through Sliding Doors
Holmes Herbert
  Colonial Official
Claude Horton
  Sir Walter Raleigh
Philip Hurlic
  Tuppence, Native Boy
Brandon Hurst
  A Doctor
Olaf Hytten
Edward Keane
  DNXY Radio Operator
Robert Emmett Keane
  Henchman Careira
Walter McGrail
  Henchman DaCosta
Lew Payton
  Village Chief
Hilda Plowright
  Queen Elizabeth
Napier Raikes
  First Selection Board Member
Hassan Said
  'Palaver' Translator
C. Montague Shaw
  Colonial Affairs Official
Ivan F. Simpson
  A Doctor
Eric Snowden
  The Randolph Manservant
Eric Wilton
  Colonial Affairs Official

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