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Jurassic World

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 Written by
Michael Crichton Characters
Rick Jaffa Screenplay
Amanda Silver Screenplay
Derek Connolly Screenplay
Rick Jaffa Story
Amanda Silver Story
Timothy Burgard Storyboard
Robert Consing Storyboard
Collin Grant Storyboard
Philip Keller Storyboard
David Lowery Storyboard
Dan Sweetman Storyboard
Amy Lynn Umezu Storyboard
Colin Trevorrow Screenplay
John Coven Storyboard

 Directed by
Colin Trevorrow

Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond.

The park is open.

 Release Date
June 6, 2015

124 minutes


Chris Pratt Owen Grady
Bryce Dallas Howard Claire Dearing
Irrfan Khan Simon Masrani
Vincent D'Onofrio Vic Hoskins
Nick Robinson Zach Mitchell
Ty Simpkins Gray Mitchell
Jake Johnson Lowery Cruthers
Omar Sy Barry
BD Wong Henry Wu
Judy Greer Karen Mitchell
Lauren Lapkus Vivian
Brian Tee Hamada
Katie McGrath Zara Young
Andy Buckley Scott Mitchell
Eric Edelstein Paddock Supervisor
Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon
James DuMont Hal Osterly
Matt Burke Jim Drucker
Anna Talakkottur Erica Brand
Colin Trevorrow Mr. DNA
Courtney J. Clark Mosasaurus Announcer
Kelly Washington Zach's Girlfriend
Matthew Cardarople Gyrosphere Operator
Chad Randall InGen Soldier
Yvonne Angulo Italian Mother
Chloe Perrin Italian Girl
Erika Erica Park Visitor (uncredited)
Tiffany Forest Park Visitor (uncredited)
Brandon Marc Higa Petting Zoo Staff
Arlene Newman Woman with Baby

- The film is including many product placements, such as Hilton, Samsung, Verizon, Mercedes, IWC, Ben & Jerry's, Pandora.
- Claire's car is a Mercedes GLE 450 AMG Coupe SUV.
- When the two kids are arriving at the Samsung Innovation center and playing with the DNA screen, we can clearly see the same DNA cartoon from the original cartoon shown in Jurassic Park by John Hammond.

Mother: And remember, something chases you, run.

Claire: More teeth.

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Could have succeeded
By Jack Anderson on March 11, 2018

I still remembers perfectly when I went to see Jurassic Park as a kid. But I will let these words for my review of Jurassic Park. Anyhow, because of those memories, I of course was waiting to see what it would be to see a reboot of the Jurassic Park franchise (God, I had this word "franchise").

I did not see the movie during the first week. The reason why that almost all the reviews were pretty bad. Therefore, I was no longer motivated to see it.

But then, I went to a trip to London and one evening, we wanted to go out and see a movie. We then chose Jurassic World. I think it was at the end of the screening period, as the film was not shown in one of the big cinemas.
Anyway, my expectations were extremely low and I expected to hate it.

And I was actually surprised. Because the movie is a clear love message to the original Jurassic Park.

First of all, the music from John Williams was more than an inspiration. The music from Michael Giacchino (LOST, Star Wars: Rogue One) feels like a love letter to its source material. And the soundtrack of the original Jurassic Park is so beautiful, that it felt damn great to hear again some of its notes.
The movie actually starts with this character. The music. The very first scene is about two Velociraptor's eggs opening. From the very first shot, we are directly taken back to the famous scene from the original Jurassic Park, where we witness the opening of such egg.
Then, the movie cleverly moves towards the room of a young kid. Exactly like in the previous scene, we are taken directly back to our childhood memories. Giacchino's score, while different from the one from John Williams, is clearly trying to emulate the original score as much as possible. And it works perfectly.

This is not Twin Peaks season 3, this is about recreating the exact same magic with the exact same formula. And the formula is brilliantly executed.
But, at the same time, the first problem arises at precisely 2 minutes into the film. In just a couple of seconds, we know already that the young kid will be totally believable and interesting, while the older brother will be boring and not interesting. One is believable and cute, the other is a cliché. The story of him and his girlfriend is irrelevant and simply does not work.
Also, two minutes later, we learn that the parents are getting a divorce. While I understand that this is a literate way to affect the children, I also think that this does not work. This adds too much. The couple sending their two kids to their aunt working at the park was more than enough, and emulated the first Jurassic Park film without being exactly the same.

The film then continues with a beautiful shot on the O'ahu island (the exact same shot that we saw many times in LOST). And after having waited for more than twenty years, we finally get to see what we have never seen. The park is opened. Damn! The music is back, the children are running around in their hotel room, getting a fantastic view on the park itself. I would have given the world to have seen this when I was 9 year old. This perfectly recaptures the essence of the original film - only with too much CGI and too much product placement.

Then, the film really starts and I couldn't get but notice right from the start that the acting is not great. This is not Steven Spielberg behind the camera. The second characters are really not portrayed well and I have yet to discover what was the real reason for that. Bad casting? Bad directing? A little bit of both? The tone is clearly too self-aware. But hey, it's not that bad and I don't really mind.
French actor Omar Sy is just that. A French cameo that does not provide anything special. I really disliked his appearance.

Visually, the movie does the job and even though there are too much CGI for me (the opening door is clearly made digitally), I liked the visual.

While the story is the main bad point, the basic story was actually a great surprise for me. Of course, it is essentially the same as Jurassic Park, but I really appreciated the story of the young lady, having to take care of her nephews and her relationship with the testosterone male character.

But of course, the story is the main problem. The main reason to me is the character from the evil corporation, wanting to use dinosaurs (Velociraptors) as weapons of war. That sentence alone should have raised a red flag in the writer's room, but I guess the idea was that it would work for a blockbuster. I wished this element would have been scrapped entirely. I'm even angry at the producers because the rest of the movie was so cool. It could really have been a great and fun film. But all it is is a fun film with very bad elements at times. I don't mind the over the top effects and ideas. But training Velociraptors is a no go for me. One paper and on film.
And let me rephrase again. Using Velociraptors as weapons on war field. Let's be concrete. Let's use Iraq as an example. A city is made of civilians and soldiers. Often terrorists. So, dinosaurs are supposed to do what? You launch one in a city and you expect them to kill everyone? And then how do you take them back? This sounds like a nuclear warhead seems much more efficient, if you want to kill everyone. But again, I don't even know why I spend my time talking about this nonesense.

Clearly not as bad as expected and a guilty movie to me, especially because of its love letter to the original Jurassic Park. I give it 4 out of 10, because I cannot rate this movie good. Therefore, average. But I don't want to rate it bad as well, because there were clearly some great elements to it.


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