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Spirited Away

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 Written by
Hayao Miyazaki Writer

 Directed by
Hayao Miyazaki

A young girl, Chihiro, becomes trapped in a strange new world of spirits. When her parents undergo a mysterious transformation, she must call upon the courage she never knew she had to free her family.

 Release Date
July 20, 2001

125 minutes


Rumi Hiiragi Chihiro Ogino (voice)
Miyu Irino Haku (voice)
Mari Natsuki Yubaba / Zeniba (voice)
Bunta Sugawara Kamaji (voice)
Yumi Tamai Lin (voice)
Ryunosuke Kamiki Bou (voice)
Takashi Naito Akio Ogino (voice)
Yasuko Sawaguchi Yuuko Ogino (voice)
Tatsuya Gashûin Aogaeru (voice)
Yo Oizumi Bandai-gaeru (voice)
Koba Hayashi River God (voice)
Tsunehiko Kamijô Chichiyaku (voice)
Takehiko Ono Aniyaku (voice)
Akio Nakamura Kaonashi (voice)
Ken Yasuda Oshirasama (voice)

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Fun family movie
By Jack Anderson on March 23, 2018

The special effects are brilliant. They may not be surprising today, but when the movie was released, in 1994, this was quite a groundbreaking result at the time. And the effects have aged very well. They seem as perfect today as they looked at the time.

Ironically, I found Jim Carrey much funnier in his normal shoes than in the Mask costume. While it is fun to see the Mask character, it is actually never funny, as can be the character of Ipkiss, especially in the first part.

The music is a true character in the film. The score is mysterious and elevates the film by giving it a mystic tone.

A very fun film perfect for families. I give it 4 out of 10. Average.

By Jack Anderson on March 24, 2018

I recently discovered the movie Whisper of the Heart (耳をすませば, Mimi wo sumaseba). While the story of this film is extremely simple, the one from Spirited Away is at the complete opposite. Neverthless, while the story is very complex, there is a similar sense of a young girl having to find her way and grow into her adventure, whether small or grandiose. The journey is complex, like in a dream, but the journey remains essentially the same.

The first time I saw the film, I did not think about it so much. But now, I clearly see that Chihiro is by no coincidence having her journey into her dreams. The adventure is very complex, in a totally unknown and scary world. Chihiro is very afraid and do not feel welcomed in this new environment. This is a journey that she actually does before arriving with her parents to a complete new world to her. She had to leave schools and all her friends, one of the most traumatic and dramatic thing any kid has to do, like I had to do when I was actually a kid.

The music is haunting and very moving. I liked it a lot.

An outstanding anime movie. I give it 9 out of 10.


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