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Birdman on IMDb

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 Written by
Alexander Dinelaris Screenplay
Alejandro González Iñárritu Screenplay
Armando Bo Screenplay
Nicolás Giacobone Screenplay
Raymond Carver Short Story

 Directed by
Alejandro González Iñárritu


 Release Date
August 27, 2014

2 hours and 0 minutes (120 minutes)

Michael Keaton
  Riggan Thomson
Edward Norton
  Mike Shiner
Emma Stone
  Sam Thomson
Zach Galifianakis
Naomi Watts
  Lesley Truman
Andrea Riseborough
  Laura Aulburn
Amy Ryan
Kenny Chin
  Korean Grocer
Jamahl Garrison-Lowe
  Daniel (Stagehand)
Jeremy Shamos
Katherine O'Sullivan
  Costume Assistant
Damian Young
Keenan Shimizu
Natalie Gold
Merritt Wever
Michael Siberry
Clark Middleton
William Youmans
  Bartender (Tommy)
Lindsay Duncan
  Tabitha Dickinson
Paula Pell
  Lady in Bar
David Fierro
  Man in Bar
Joel Garland
Donna Lynne Champlin
  Broadway Lady
Taylor Schwencke
  Broadway Kid
Craig muMs Grant
  Broadway Man on Street
Dave Neal
  Annoying Times Square Guy
Roberta Colindrez
  Broadway Woman on Street
Frank Ridley
  Mr. Roth
Bill Camp
  Crazy Man
Malachi Weir
  Guy in Window
Jackie Hoffman
  Lady on Balcony (Mary)
Stephen Adly Guirgis
  Good Neighbor
Susan Blackwell
  Intermission Woman
Anna Hardwick
  Blonde Reporter
Dušan Dukić
Ian Finlay

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Birdman: How did we end up here? This place is horrible. Smells like balls. We don't belong in this shithole.

Jake: How do you know Mike Shiner?
Lesley: We shared a vagina.


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As ambitious as brilliant
By Jack Anderson on May 2, 2019

Birdman is a gift for demanding audience. I crave for quality. I crave for emotions. I crave for art. And this movie is fucking art.
At first, I was simply blown away by the long shots. I am such an admirer of those shots. This is like watching a thin line. Everything must be connected perfectly and there are so many chances of it to fail that you simply watch with your mouth full opened, not believing that they'll put it through. But they did. And not just once, but throughout the entire movie.

The film is supported by performances that are as beautiful as intense. One of the reasons, beyond the obvious fact that the actors are very talented, is that they play as if there were in a play. This is not rolling, cut, rolling, cut, let's do one more. This is about being in the moment. Emma Stone, Edward Norton and Naomi Watts were truly excellent. And Michael Keaton was magnificent. Truly outstanding. It is as if you could feel his soul.

Meanwhile, the movie won the Oscar for best picture in 2015 and it is only logical but still a bold move from the Academy, who is often going for the most consensual choice.

I give it 9 out of 10. A truly outstanding and ambitious film.

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