The Prestige

2006  130 MN


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Christopher Nolan

A mysterious story of two magicians whose intense rivalry leads them on a life-long battle for supremacy -- full of obsession, deceit and jealousy with dangerous and deadly consequences.

 Release Date

October 19, 2006


2h10m (130 min)


$ 40,000,000


$ 109,676,311

 Top Billed Cast

 Christian Bale
 Alfred Borden
 Hugh Jackman
 Robert Angier
 Michael Caine
 Scarlett Johansson
 Olivia Wenscombe
 Rebecca Hall
 Sarah Borden
 David Bowie
 Nikola Tesla

 Written by

Christopher Nolan Screenplay
Jonathan Nolan Screenplay
Christopher Priest Novel


Are You Watching Closely?



Christian Bale
  Alfred Borden
Hugh Jackman
  Robert Angier
Michael Caine
Scarlett Johansson
  Olivia Wenscombe
Rebecca Hall
  Sarah Borden
David Bowie
  Nikola Tesla
Andy Serkis
Samantha Mahurin
  Jess Borden
Piper Perabo
  Julia McCullough
Daniel Davis
Roger Rees
Ricky Jay
Jim Piddock
Christopher Neame
Mark Ryan
Jamie Harris
  Sullen Warder
Monty Stuart
  Stagecoach Driver
Ron Perkins
  Hotel Manager
Anthony De Marco
Chao Li Chi
  Chung Ling Soo
John B. Crye
William Morgan Sheppard
Ezra Buzzington
  Ticket Hawker
James Lancaster
Johnny Liska
Russ Fega
  Man in Hotel
Kevin Will
  Man in Hotel
Edward Hibbert
James Otis
  Blind Stagehand 1
Sam Menning
  Blind Stagehand 2
Brian Tahash
  Blind Stagehand 3
Jodi Bianca Wise
  Glamorous Assistant
Enn Reitel
  Workman 1
Robert W. Arbogast
Chris Cleveland
Rock Anthony
  Upscale London Boy (uncredited)
Basilina Butler
  Bar Maid (uncredited)
Erin Cipolletti
  Dancer (uncredited)
Tim Pilleri
  Piano Player 1 (uncredited)
Gary Sievers
  Stagehand (uncredited)
Inna Swann
  Handkerchief Lady (uncredited)


Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan
Jonathan Nolan
Russ Fega
  Location Manager
Aaron Ryder
Emma Thomas
David Julyan
  Original Music Composer
Wally Pfister
  Director of Photography
John Papsidera
Lee Smith
Peter Robb-King
  Makeup Department Head
Nathan Crowley
  Production Design
Kevin Kavanaugh
  Art Direction
Christopher Priest
Nancy Kirhoffer
  Post Production Supervisor
Christopher Ball
  Executive Producer
William Tyrer
  Executive Producer
Alan B. Curtiss
  Assistant Director
Charles J.D. Schlissel
  Executive Producer
Rick Avery
  Stunt Coordinator
Jordan Goldberg
  Associate Producer
David Blitstein
  Special Effects Coordinator
Gary Rizzo
  Sound Re-Recording Mixer
David Copperfield
Barbara Harris
  ADR Voice Casting
Joan Bergin
  Costume Design
Kenny Myers
  Makeup Artist
Valerie Dean
  Executive Producer
Hugo Weng
  Dialogue Editor
David Michael Fordham
Cristen Carr Strubbe
  Unit Production Manager
Kean Cronin
François Duhamel
  Still Photographer
Stephane Ceretti
  Visual Effects Supervisor
Lora Hirschberg
  Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Paul Berolzheimer
  Sound Effects Editor
Richard King
  Sound Designer
Richard King
  Supervising Sound Editor
Steve Gehrke
  Script Supervisor
Michael W. Mitchell
  Sound Effects Editor
Heba Thorisdottir
  Makeup Artist
Stephen Vaughan
  Still Photographer
Kenn Smiley
  Set Costumer
Alex Gibson
  Music Editor
Teresa Kelly
  Post Production Supervisor
Craig Fikse
  Steadicam Operator
Victoria Wood
John R. Bayless
  Makeup Artist
Janice Alexander
  Hair Department Head
Kimberley Spiteri
Julie Ochipinti
  Set Decoration
Blake Pike
  Rigging Grip
Karen Asano-Myers
Ed Novick
  Sound mixer
Gregg Edler
  Production Supervisor
Mark Scoon
  Executive In Charge Of Production
Scott Wesley Ross
  Assistant Editor


- Sam Mendes wanted to do this movie as his follow-up to American Beauty (1999), which had just been nominated for seven Academy Awards. Another offer came from Newmarket Films on behalf of writer, producer, and director Christopher Nolan, of whom author Christopher Priest had never heard. Priest was prepared to close the deal with Mendes when a VHS copy of Nolan's Following (1998) was delivered to his house by motorcycle (Memento (2000) was still in post-production). Priest was impressed, and chose Nolan (in part to also support a new filmmaker over an established one).
- The editing includes one hundred forty-six time jump cuts, in which the next shot either flashes back or skips ahead to another time period of the storyline. This averages to almost one timeline jump per minute of movie.
- Alfred Borden's infant was played by one of writer, producer, and director Christopher Nolan's children.
- The main characters' initials spell "ABRA" (Alfred Borden Robert Angier), as in abracadabra, a common word used by magicians.
- David Bowie initially declined the role of Nikola Tesla when it was offered to him. Christopher Nolan flew out to him personally to tell him that he was the only person he imagined for the role, and that his larger than life persona would make the idea of Tesla building a teleportation device believable. Upon hearing this, David Bowie changed his mind and took the role.
- Editing, scoring, and mixing finished on September 22, 2006.
- Real-life magician Ricky Jay played in the film. He had also played a magician role in the seventh season from The X-Files series.


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A magic show
By Jack Anderson on June 10, 2020

Christopher Nolan is a magician. I have never seen a filmmaker that would make a superb first major film (Memento), a second superb film (Insomnia) as well as a superb third film (Batman Begins) and being able to pull it off one more time. The Prestige is his fourth triumph in a row.

The movie's tension, complexity and, yes, delight, keeps rising and rising and rising again as the movie goes along.

I counted that five characters in the movie might take us in the wrong direction. The two main characters of course (Borden and Angier), but Olivier (Scarlett Johansson) and Tesla (David Bowie) are also not to be trusted. And that's the delight of a film that keeps the audience guessing. Once again, Christopher Nolan has found the perfect angle to tell his story. The format is, again, brilliant because it fits the story perfectly. After Memento told in reverse in order to let the audience feel as lost as the main character, after Insomnia and the lead character not sleeping in a location where the sun never sets, Nolan does it again.

Because the beauty of the film is that we, as the audience, are watching the film the same way we would watch a magic show. The movie has a second variable, which is us.

The Prestige marks the final collaboration between Nolan and composer David Julyan. While the score works, I can clearly say that the music is not a character in this film. I barely noticed the music and while I won’t say that music must imperatively be predominant, it actually is in each Christopher Nolan movie... except for this one.

I give it 8 out of 10. Superb.


Perplexed by the storyline at the beginning, deeply attracted to the narratives of the intense rivalry between two actors in the main body of the show, and finally shocked by the revealed truth, or *The Prestige* in the end. This is one of the most mind-blowing mysteries that I've watched in recent years.

One of the best part, I think, is how the characters of two young magicians are depicted -- through small but noticeable details like the facial expressions, one or two words, the novels et cetera.

In fact, the title of the movie, even being explained by Cutter in the beginning, still puzzles me and I can't stopped thinking about the meaning of it. Not to mention other puzzles. But ultimately, I came to realize that the plot structure corresponds to a epic magic show as well.


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