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The Jerky Boys


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 Written by
Rich Wilkes Writer

 Directed by
James Melkonian


 Release Date
February 3, 1995

1 hours and 22 minutes (82 minutes)

John G. Brennan
  Himself / Frank 'Rubberneck' Rizzo
Kamal Ahmed
Alan Arkin
  Ernie Lazarro
William Hickey
  Don 'Uncle Freddy' Frederico
Vincent Pastore
  Tony Scarboni
Alan North
  Micky Crump
Suzanne Shepherd
  Mrs. B
Ozzy Osbourne
  Band Manager
Brad Sullivan
  Detective Robert Worzic
James Lorinz
  Brett Weir
Brian Tarantina
Peter Appel
Darryl Theirse
  Detective Connley
David Pittu
Frank Senger
Page Hamilton
  Band Member
Rob Echeverria
  Band Member
Michael Louis Wells
John Norman Thomas
  Ali Tarbash
Paul Bartel
  Host at Tut's
Hope Shapiro
Danny Dennis
  Comedian at Tut's
Brenda Forbes
  Rich Woman with Necklace at Tut's
David Stepkin
  Old Man
Joe Lisi
  Construction Foreman
Ron Ostrow
  Fast Food Family Man
Henry Bogdan
  Band Member

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