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Dramatic School


Dramatic School on IMDb

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 Written by
Ernest Vajda Screenplay
Mary C. McCall, Jr. Screenplay
Hans Székely Theatre Play

 Directed by
Robert B. Sinclair


 Release Date
December 9, 1938

1 hours and 20 minutes (80 minutes)

Luise Rainer
  Louise Mauban
Paulette Goddard
Alan Marshal
  Marquis Andre D'Abbencourt
Lana Turner
Genevieve Tobin
  Gina Bertier
John Hubbard
Henry Stephenson
  Pasquel Sr.
Gale Sondergaard
  Madame Therese Charlot
Melville Cooper
Virginia Grey
Ann Rutherford
Hans Conried
Rand Brooks
  Pasquel Jr.
Jean Chatburn
Marie Blake
Cecilia Callejo
  La Brasiliana
Margaret Dumont
  Pantomime teacher
Frank Puglia
Dorothy Granger
  Fat Girl
Gino Corrado
  Waiter (uncredited)
Dick Haymes
  Student (uncredited)
Minerva Urecal
  Rose - Boulin's Secretary (uncredited)
Barbara Weeks
  Student (uncredited)
Poppy Wilde
  Nightclub Patron

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