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The Running Man


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 Written by
Steven E. de Souza Screenplay
Stephen King Novel

 Directed by
Paul Michael Glaser


 Release Date
November 13, 1987

1 hours and 41 minutes (101 minutes)

Arnold Schwarzenegger
  Ben Richards
Richard Dawson
  Damon Killian
María Conchita Alonso
  Amber Mendez
Yaphet Kotto
  William Laughlin
Jim Brown
Jesse Ventura
  Captain Freedom
Erland van Lidth
Marvin J. McIntyre
  Harold Weiss
Gus Rethwisch
Professor Toru Tanaka
Mick Fleetwood
Franco Columbu
  911 Security Officer
Sven-Ole Thorsen
Dweezil Zappa
Karen Leigh Hopkins
Edward Bunker
Lin Shaye
  Propaganda Officer
Anthony Pena
Kurt Fuller

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John Chard

I'm not into politics. I'm into survival.

The Running Man is directed by Paul Michael Glaser and adapted from the Stephen King (as Richard Bachman) story by Steven E. de Souza. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Conchita Alonso, Richard Dawson, Yaphet Kotto, Jim Brown, Jesse Ventura, Erland van Lidth, Marvin J. McIntyre, Gus Rethwisch, Professor Toru Tanaka and Mick Fleetwood. Music is by Harold Faltermeyer and cinematography by Thomas Del Ruth.

It may be packed with cheese and is as nutty as a squirrel's sandwich, but this is one astutely entertaining futuristic slice of sci-fi pie. Schwarzenegger becomes a reluctant contestant in the most popular TV show of the time, The Running Man. It's a sadistic show where convicts are thrust into a zonal world and have to avoid an array of stalking killers. Cue lots of outrageous violence, equally outrageous costumes, and of course with Arnold in the lead there's plenty of dialogue zingers. The caustic observation of how television programmes have evolved is potently portentous, and it's all played out to an industrial 80s score from Faltermeyer.

It helps if you know what you are going to get from it, since it's a typical Schwarzenegger movie from the fruity chaotic popcorn era in the 80s. So with that in mind, for A.S. fans this is one to gorge on with glee - for others it may not have the charm offensive required to strike a chord. 7/10


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