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True Grit

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 Written by
Marguerite Roberts Screenplay
Charles Portis Novel

 Directed by
Henry Hathaway


 Release Date
June 11, 1969

2 hours and 8 minutes (128 minutes)

Kim Darby
  Mattie Ross
John Wayne
  Reuben J. "Rooster" Cogburn
Jeremy Slate
  Emmett Quincy
Dennis Hopper
Robert Duvall
  Ned Pepper
Glen Campbell
  La Boeuf
Alfred Ryder
Strother Martin
  Colonel G. Stonehill
Jeff Corey
  Tom Chaney
Ron Soble
  Captain Boots Finch
John Fiedler
  Lawyer Daggett
James Westerfield
  Judge Parker
John Doucette
Donald Woods
Edith Atwater
  Mrs. Floyd

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