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Johnny Dangerously


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 Written by
Harry Colomby Writer
Jeff Harris Writer
Bernie Kukoff Writer
Norman Steinberg Writer

 Directed by
Amy Heckerling


 Release Date
December 21, 1984

1 hours and 30 minutes (90 minutes)

Michael Keaton
  John Kelly (aka Johnny Dangerously)
Peter Boyle
  Jocko Dundee
Griffin Dunne
  Tommy Kelly
Marilu Henner
Joe Piscopo
  Danny Vermin
Maureen Stapleton
  Ma Kelly
Dom DeLuise
  The Pope
Danny DeVito
Glynnis O'Connor
Vincent Schiavelli
Ray Walston
  Gabe, the Newsstand Vendor
Sudie Bond
  Mary Margaret Catherine Dineen
Ron Carey
Richard Dimitri
  Roman Troy Moroni
Bob Eubanks
  Radio Announcer at Movie Premiere
Jack Nance

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