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Final Fantasy III

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 Consoles and Releases
NES: 1990-04-27
Wii: 2009-07-21
Wii U: 2014-01-08
Nintendo 3DS: 2014-04-23

 Developed by
Masafumi Miyamoto
Hironobu Sakaguchi

Yoshikata Amano

 Music by
Nobuo Uematsu

In a remote village of Ur, four orphan boys were raised by the priest Topapa. Once, the Crystal of Wind, guarded by the people of Ur, sank deep into the earth. The four boys decided to retrieve it from there and went down into an underground cave. But when they found the crystal, it spoke to them and from its words they understood they were chosen for a much more important and world-embracing mission...

Final Fantasy III is the third Final Fantasy game for the NES platform. It was the last Final Fantasy game that does not use the ATB (active time battle) system (until it was removed again in Final Fantasy X). The turn-based battle engine has been improved: if the enemy is defeated, the next character will automatically switch to another enemy, and not hit the air, like in the previous two games.

Before the game begins, you give names to the four boys, which look the same (only in different colors) and belong all to the same class - the scrawny Onion Kid. Very quickly, however, you're able to give your heroes "jobs" - proper character classes, such as Fighter, Black Mage, Viking, Shaman and others. Each job has different capabilities and can use different equipment. More powerful jobs become available later in the game. The characters can change jobs throughout the game, though it costs them "Capacity Points" (which are earned in battle).

The game itself is, like the previous games, a top-down RPG where your characters travel in the overworld, sometimes entering cities and dungeons to buy equipment, rest and fight random encounters and bosses with turn-based combat.

Some minor issues were slightly changed to resemble more the classical Final Fantasy look (such as the menu layout etc.).

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The job system is back
By Gruic on August 18, 2018

After an innovating second game, Final Fantasy III gets back the famous Job System from the first FF with more functionalities.
It is now possible to switch jobs during the adventure and you can change your party depending on your needs. A great idea and another step to improve that amazing system BUT it remains a little problem : it does not exist any connection between jobs yet. Players will have to wait FFV or FFXI to enjoy more sharing between jobs with the concept of mastering or subjob.

Anyway, FFIII is part of the evolution of the system but... I.... still prefer the first FF than the third one. How is that possible to have a better rating on a game with less functionalities ? Well, FFI was very innovating and I love the occidental RPG/D&D atmosphere. FFIII is an evolution but not an innovation.

It's still an excellent game.


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