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Super Mario Bros. 2

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 Consoles and Releases
Arcade: 1988
NES: 1988-10
Wii: 2007-05-25
Nintendo 3DS: 2012-11-28
Wii U: 2013-05-16
Nintendo Switch: 2019-02-13

 Developed by
Shigeru Miyamoto

This release of Super Mario Bros. 2 is completely different from its original Japanese counterpart, originating in the West and being in fact a version of Yume Kōjō: Dokidoki Panic with a different storyline and protagonists swapped for Mario and his friends.

One night Mario has a strange dream, where he opens a door to another world filled with even stranger creatures and lands than those in his last adventure against Bowser. Amazingly, the next day, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and the Princess stumble upon a cave, which leads to the world that was in Mario's dream.

Subcon, the land of dreams, is under an evil spell thanks to Wart, so Mario and the gang must save the day. New creatures to defeat and plenty of nasty surprises await.

Choose from the four characters, each differing in speed and jumping ability, and head on through 7 levels each filled with puzzles, bosses, bonus coins, the always helpful mushroom, and invincible star, plus bombs and magic potions.
After each level, depending on the coins you collect, you can use them in the bonus game to collect extra lives.

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My favorite one
By DuaneB on June 15, 2018

I know that many players prefer or the third or the first, but trust me, this one is relly poetry in video game. The music is much more powerfull thant its original, as well as the characters abilities.

The levels:
Once you're used to the fact you have to take out every object, you discover so many worlds in a level. Wich gives an impression of infinity. The decoration are perfect, according to the time of course.
The difficulty progession is as good as you can find it difficult in some levels as you can anyway succed the game.

The characters:
The fact to have the choice between Mario, Luigi Toad and Peach is much more pleasant. Every character has its own advantages and disadvantages. I remember choosing Peach for her ability to almost fly, and Toad for his speed.

A rel pleasure in an inventive world. Pleasure of the eyes, the ears and global satisfaction to of success. Hours and hours playing, until the unmistakable diner... My opinion is here totaly non objective. It is just "souvenirs"...

Still great
By Gruic on August 1, 2018

Ok, I know, it's Doki Doki Panic, but it's still a damn great game. The main music is amazing, I'm still able to whistle it more than 25 years later.

I'll not put a 9 or 10, because maybe it's better to give it to the original game, but I'll go for a very good 7.

Not a Mario game but still excellent
By Jack Anderson on August 2, 2018

It took me many years to figure out that this game was actually a rip-off from another one. It's not even a rip-off, it actually IS another game. They basically just changed the characters and packaged it as Mario. If not, we would have never heard about the original game.
But still... Super Mario Bros. 2 is fun! The game starts with a superbly fun character select music! I even have that song in my music collection. And of course, no one would play with Mario or Todd, since the princess and Luigi could virtually fly.

Fun fact! One afternoon, after school, I went to a store in my little town and they had this game where we could play. My friend and I played for so long that it was dark outside. And my parents were driving around town to find out where I was. It's the first time I entered a store when it was daylight and when out when it was dark!

Overall, an excellent game but not a true Mario game. I give it 7 out of 10. Excellent.

No pictures in the gallery.

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