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Marvel: Avengers Initiative

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 Consoles and Releases
iPhone: 2012-09-05
iPad: 2012-09-05
Android: 2012-11-21

Marvel: Avengers Initiative is a mobile game about the Marvel heroes with mechanics similar to a game like Infinity Blade. The first playable hero was Hulk and since version 1.05 Captain America is available as another character

It is a 3D fighting where you can order the hero to do some actions (attack, protect etc.) by touching the screen at the right moments. Some attributes of the hero can be modified, such as adding equipment and ISO, a special material from the Marvel universe.

The game is linked to the Marvel XP platform and grant some rewards for the game Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

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First Trailer from Marvel's Avengers Game
by Claire Cooper on 2019-06-11 02:55:13 ET
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