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Crossy Road

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 Consoles and Releases
iPhone: 2014-11-19
iPad: 2014-11-19
Android: 2014-12-13
Windows Phone: 2015-05-01
Windows Apps: 2015-05-01
tvOS: 2015-10-30

Crossy Road is a new take on the concept of Frogger. A character is guided through an endless, randomly generated environment, crossing rivers, train tracks and busy streets. Each tap makes the character hop forward and this is rewarded with a point. A single collision ends the game and the goal is to get as far as possible, earning points, in one go. Next to taps, swiping left and right is possible to move in that direction and it is also possible to go back. There is no time limit, but the screen moves along with the character and if the waiting time is too long, the character disappears at the bottom of the screen or an eagle arrives to sweep up the character and the game is over. After collisions a photo is often shown of the aftermath. Streets have cars, trucks and fast police cars. Train tracks have warning lights and trains cross at a very fast speed. Rivers have stationary lily pads, and logs that move left or right. If the character stays too long on a log and it disappears to the side of the screen, the game is over as well.

The game is free-to-play with optional in-app purchases to unlock additional characters. Some of these can also be earned during regular gameplay. Coins can be collected and they are also provided as a gift after a certain period of time, or by watching a movie ad. For every 100 coins a gift can be unlocked, which is usually a new character. There is a large amount of characters and these only bring cosmetic changes to the game. For instance, an alien will see cows be abducted, a mad wizard blows up trees, a ghost has dark levels, a penguin has ice levels, the eponymous hero of Forget-Me-Not collects flowers and it has the protagonist of EPOCH. There are also various animals, including PewDiePie's dog Pew Die Pug.

Every now and then the game provides one of the premium characters at random to try them for a few sessions.

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By Jack Anderson on December 31, 2018

Crossy Road is a very addictive and fun game. I remember I kept playing for a couple of weeks or even more. Give a man a game and he will throw it away. Give him the same game with a score to beat, and he'll play endlessly. This is that type of a game.

I give it 7 out of 10. A very fun and addictive little game. Nothing more, nothing less.

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