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Child of Light

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 Consoles and Releases
PlayStation 3: 2014-04-29
Wii U: 2014-04-29
PlayStation 4: 2014-04-29
Xbox One: 2014-04-30
Xbox 360: 2014-04-30
Windows: 2014-04-30
PS Vita: 2014-07-01

 Developed by
Patrick Plourde

Yoshikata Amano

 Music by
Cœur de pirate

Child of Light is a role-playing game played as a 2D platformer with turn-based battles. The game is set in the fantasy kingdom Lemuria. The player controls the little girl Aurora, daughter of an Austrian duke, who dies on the night he marries a new wife. Although dead in the real world, she awakens in Lemuria and finds out she is being kept there by the Queen of the Night. To return to her father she must bring back the sun, the moon and the stars the queen stole.

Using the UbiArt framework previously used in the contemporary Rayman games, the scenery is painted in soft watercolours. Aurora can explore freely and as she learns to fly both horizontal and vertical directions can be travelled. Levels are filled with environment based puzzles usually centered around clearing obstacles and avoiding hazards. There are four large areas in total to explore. The game does not need to be completed in a linear order and it offers side missions next to the story missions as well as the ability to return to previously explored areas to discover new items. Early on in the story Aurora meets the firefly Igniculus who acts as her sidekick throughout the game. Controlled separately or cooperatively by another player, he is used to help solve puzzles by lighting up dark areas, trigger switches that react to light, stagger enemies to allow Aurora to pass, and he can pick up objects Aurora cannot reach as he is not bound by walls. Many other characters are encountered throughout the game and these will often join Aurora's party for support based on certain decisions and quests. Aurora and all characters in the game talk in verse.

Encounters with monsters and opponents take place in a separate screen and these are turn-based. Battles are fought through an Active Time Battle system similar to the one in some Final Fantasy games combined with a turn order where character portraits move along a bar. When these portraits reach the red section at the start of the final quarter an action can be selected, such as attacking, defending or using a spell. The type of action then determines the speed for the remaining part on the bar before it is performed and it is possible to interrupt those pending actions of the characters in that part for a strategic approach. Generally only two characters can be used, but it is possible to swap freely between the available ones. Igniculus also plays his part as he can hover over characters and activate abilities to slow them down or provide light healing to the party. Characters gain experience, level up and can progress through skill trees to gain new abilities. Fights later in the game feature more complex combat with (de)buffs, counters, specific weaknesses and Oculi stones that can be assigned to alter the character status. There are also various items that can help during battles, stored in a separate inventory.

Aurora's main statistics are HP (health) and MP (mana). These can be upgraded by collecting wishes, glowing globules on a ribbon that appear from flora. These also restore health and mana between battles, restore Igniculus abilities and can be picked up by Igniculus. After completing the game a new game plus can be played. The difficulty level can be heightened by speeding up the pace of battles.

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Igniculus: Aurora, what is a home?
Aurora: Somewhere you have truly grown.


"What am I seeing? I must be dreaming." -Aurora-

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My first game on PS4
By Vivi on July 15, 2018

It was my first game on PS4 and I keep a really good memory of it. 2 players can play together and this is nice. The story is usual but the pictures are really beautiful. And I love the music.


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The making of Child of Light
by Gruic on 2018-07-15 11:33:19 ET
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