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 Consoles and Releases
Apple II: 1983
PC Booter: 1983
DOS: 1983
TRS-80: 1983
Atari 8-bit: 1983
CP/M: 1984
TRS-80 CoCo: 1984
Macintosh: 1984
Commodore 16, Plus/4: 1984
Atari ST: 1985
Tatung Einstein: 1985
Commodore 64: 1985
Amstrad CPC: 1986
Amstrad PCW: 1986
Amiga: 1986
Commodore 128: 1988
PC-98: 1992-02-28

It all started with your great-great-grandfather who was a High Admiral and one of the founding officers of the Patrol. All generations since then have served in the Patrol. Now it's your turn and two years into you are still a lowly Ensign Seventh Class. Your direct report, Blather, is really making your life miserable. Are you really Stellar Patrol material?

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