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 Consoles and Releases
Apple II: 1982
PC Booter: 1982
Atari 8-bit: 1982
TRS-80: 1983
Commodore 64: 1983
CP/M: 1984
TI-99/4A: 1984
Macintosh: 1984
DOS: 1984
Atari ST: 1985
Amstrad CPC: 1986
Amstrad PCW: 1986
Amiga: 1986-03

You have 12 hours to solve the murder of Mr. Marshall Robner. If it was a murder...
Mr Robner was found locked in his library, dead -- from a lethal dosage of anti-depressants.
Friends and family are calling this a suicide of depressed wealthy industrialist. As
Chief of Detectives, you find something just doesn't smell right about this case. You
go out on a quest to find a suspect, his motive, method, and opportunity.

Difficulty Level: Expert

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