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The King of Chicago

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 Consoles and Releases
Macintosh: 1986
DOS: 1987
Amiga: 1987
Atari ST: 1988-12
Sharp X68000: 1988-12-16
iPad: 2014-02-15
iPhone: 2014-02-15
Android: 2014-02-18

With Al Capone out of the picture, Chicago's prohibition-era profit is up for grabs. Are you merciless and cunning enough to gain it by whatever means are required? Every action you take has complex long-term consequences which are not always obvious at the time.

You must keep your people on your side, watching what you say and do, knowing that an overthrow could be hatched at any moment. Look after your woman as well - who's going to respect a single mobster? The money has to be juggled in these ways, not forgetting to reach an 'understanding' with the Mayor to avoid any negative attentions.

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