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Final Fantasy IV

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 Developed by
Hironobu Sakaguchi
Takashi Tokita

Yoshikata Amano

 Music by
Nobuo Uematsu

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5 badass characters on-screen!
By Gruic on October 13, 2018

FFI : job system
FFII : background characters
FFIII : job system

I see a pattern here, and a good one.

So, Final Fantasy IV is logically a background characters game. Heroes have names and stories and it is a very good improvement of FFII.

The evolution of the hero, Cecil Harvey, is very interesting and the others characters work very well too. For example, Kain is a fantastic character and a great evolution of the Dragoon Ricaro/Richard from FFII. Yoshikata Amano made an amazing work on the logo and characters.

The system of Final Fantasy IV is very simple. Characters are getting experience points and levels and your team is constantly evolving, depending on the storyline. To compensate that simple system, FFIV added one more playable character on the team. 5 instead of 4 on previous titles and I really enjoyed that.

Finally, the place of the final boss is very creative and original.

FFIV is an incredible game and a superb Final Fantasy.


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