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Rollo and the Brush Brothers

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PC Booter: 1984

In this game, the player controls Rollo, a paint roller who aims to paint while evading the Brush Brothers in order to progress in the game. The game can be played for up to two player(s) taking turns and select a difficulty level from novice, intermediate, to expert.

The painting process consists of moving Rollo to paint in the outer lines of as many rectangular shapes of various sizes in the game. Successfully painting an entire section will automatically paint the entire rectangle and add points. Successfully painting all the rectangles will advance the player to the next level. While painting these sections, the player has to avoid the Brush Brothers, who at the beginning consist of two red slow moving brushes (always moving in the direction of Rollo) and one green fast moving brush (moves randomly). Later levels will include more Brush Brothers. Physical contact with them will automatically result in a loss of life (out of three lives). Another entity in the game is the eraser brush, which will erase any painted lines previously painted. This however, does not apply to squares that have been successfully painted.

In later levels, the paint supply does not last forever. Pick up cans of paint when out of paint to continue the painting. Another power-up enables the player to kill the Brush Brothers, allowing the player to paint in peace until they regenerate again (indicated when the power-up song ends). Higher levels introduces more difficult challenges, among others but not limited to: faster movement of the Brush Brothers, requiring more than one lap to successfully paint a square, limited paint cans, etc.

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