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Sargon V: World Class Chess

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 Consoles and Releases
DOS: 1991
PC-98: 1992-08-10
FM Towns: 1992-11
Macintosh: 1994

A chess opponent, tutor and private chess mentor featuring detailed graphics and animation in various 3D and 2D chess boards, a wealth of customizable game features and a large book of opening moves. You can challenge a computer which knows the moves of such famous games as Karpov-Kasparov (1990) or go through Annotated games in which the "Dean of American Chess" George Koltanowski explains the thinking process behind the all-time great moves. Also features Illustrative games which let you guess, then tell you what happened in classic matches. Has a beginner's mode in which it shows you all the legal moves including varying degrees of difficulty all the way up to the most difficult - Tournament Mode.

You can play against the computer, against a friend, or just watch the computer play against itself, even watch famous games being played out. You can also print out a list of your moves in your current game and a map of the board's piece locations.

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