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 Consoles and Releases
Arcade: 1986-09-25
SEGA Master System: 1987
Commodore 64: 1987
Amstrad CPC: 1987
ZX Spectrum: 1987
Atari ST: 1988
Amiga: 1988
MSX: 1988
DOS: 1989
TurboGrafx-16: 1990
Game Gear: 1991
Genesis: 1991
SEGA Saturn: 1996-09-20
J2ME: 2006-05
Nintendo 3DS: 2014-04-23
Nintendo Switch: 2018-11-29

OutRun is a racing game that allows the player to race across varied terrain in a readily available Ferrari, complete with a female passenger, over a series of short tracks.

Gameplay is viewed from just above and behind the car. The roads are full of sharp bends and hazards, contact with which can cause the car to roll and lose the player's time. On each section of track there is a fork in the road, allowing the player to choose which direction he or she wishes to go in. The player has to to complete five track sections in total, out of the fifteen in the game.

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