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A Drive to Remember

 Written by

The X-Files

The X-Files

Rated G

 Published on
October 29, 2017

 Word Count

 Read Time
22 minutes

Agent Doggett takes Agent Scully on a mini road trip- takes place between Medusa and Per Manum season 8

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A simple and delicate story
Written by Jack Anderson on 2018-08-15
This story is very simple. There are no aliens, no cliffhangers or any investigation. We just get to follow a shared day in the lives of X-Files characters Dana Scully and John Doggett.

First, Jasmine's writing is top notch. She really has a huge talent and should be writing books - actually, I just learned she has just finished writing her first novel. The way she includes the quotes within the text makes it a great experience for the reader.

Also, one thing that I loved is how she was able to capture the characters, and especially Scully. At this moment in time in the series and in her life, Scully is having a kind of both distant and respectful attitude towards her new partner John Doggett. But at the same time, she also has definitely some strong emotions towards him, even if at least in a form of friendship.
There is a mundane quote that I found really great. At one point, Scully simply says "Okay well, if you insist." This may seem like nothing, but this is in those details that you immediately picture the way the character acts. I would easily imagine Scully gazing down with this distant attitude.
So, this was really some great work from the author.

Also, I think it was a very original and nice idea to have Doggett and Scully visiting the Beirut Memorial from Jacksonville, which I discovered while reading this fanfic. I found it made for a great backstory for John Doggett.

And after all these years, I had no clue that Einstein's Twin Paradox theory was "simply" about the effect of time and age in Space. Now I feel more intelligent ;).

Very good. A delicate and simple story that is definitely a great read.

A Drive to Remember
By Spookygirl1

X Files: A Drive to Remember

(Takes place between Medusa and Per Manum, season 8)
Disclaimer: I do not own the X Files TV show nor do I own the characters Special Agent John Doggett, Special Agent Dana Scully or Margaret and Charles Scully. This story is entirely fictitious by the writer.
Rated: PG13

Feb 2001
En route to Jackson Ville,
North Carolina
Saturday, 9:30am

A black car speeds down the highway carrying two passengers, Special Agent Dana Scully and Special Agent John Doggett who was driving. They had been working together for nearly a year now, and Doggett felt they trusted each other enough, now that Scully had shown him that she wasn't trying to seduce him anymore. Doggett and Scully had a big talk after their last case and both agreed to put their past romantic escapes behind them and focus on finding Mulder.
Now that they trusted each other to treat each other in a professional manner, Doggett felt it was the right time to take Scully on a trip that he made often.
He told Scully to pack for an overnight stay before they began the drive, Doggett wanted to surprise Scully so he didn't tell her where they were going.
Scully agreed to go as she trusted him now, so off they went on that Saturday morning.
Scully was dressed casually for the first time in a long while, she was wearing her favourite white cashmere sweater with black pants and swede coat. Doggett opted to wear a simple jeans and white tshirt for the day.
He had decided to take Scully and introduce her to some old Army friends of his that weekend.
With a sigh, Scully looked at the gas dial. “Better stop and get some gas, John,” she told him, “if we're going on this 5 hour trip then we're going to need a full tank,” she remarked. Doggett nodded. “I'll pull up at the next gas station,” he told her. Scully looked out her window.
She didn’t like surprises, and wasn't sure if she liked going on such a long trip without knowing their destination, but she trusted Agent Doggett and she knew he would look out for her, so she agreed to go.
It was a bright sunny day as Doggett drove down the highway. A few minutes later Doggett pulled into a gas station and filled the tank. Scully excused herself and went to the bathroom, after which she appeared outside just as Doggett finished filling the tank.
“All done,” Scully told him as she got in the car. Doggett sighed as he walked into the station. Is there something wrong with Dana? He wondered as he waited in line to pay for the gas. As he waited, he studied Scully’s pale face as she waited for him in the passenger seat. He decided he would ask her if she was fine like she said she was. Why does she keep throwing up? He wondered as he paid the cashier for the gas. He hoped it was nothing serious. Doggett got Scully a couple bars of chocolate before returning to the car.
Scully had told him she’d been craving chocolates lately but wouldn't say why.
Scully smiled gratefully at him as she took the chocolates. “Thanks John,” she told him as he got in the driver’s seat. “Dana,” Doggett began. “Mmm?” Scully asked as she unwrapped her chocolate. “I don't wanna upset you again, but I need to know- are you all right?” He asked in concern. “Only you’ve been throwing up lately. You're not… Anorexic are you?” Doggett asked. Scully shook her head and gave him a small smile. “John, I'm fine. It’s just a bit of car sickness,” she told him.
“But otherwise, you’re okay right?” He asked. “It’s nothing serious?” He asked hopefully. “John, I promise I'm fine okay? Now stop worrying about me and start driving,” she told him in mock sternly manner.
“If you're sure, Dana,” Doggett replied, feeling a bit better but he was sure there was something she wasn’t telling him. At least it’s nothing serious, he told himself as he pulled out of the station and onto the highway again.
He did offer Scully the chance to stay home, and that she didn't have to go on this road trip if she was sick, but after thinking about it for a while Scully had insisted to come and wouldn't hear of staying home. So they left early that morning as Doggett planned to make the most of their Saturday together.
Doggett watched Scully out of the corner of his eye as he drove, watching her eat her chocolate and gazing out of her window.
Doggett thought she looked beautiful, especially when the sun shone on her red hair. He hoped she would tell him whatever was on her mind when they reached their destination.

Chapter 2

Scully studied the map as Doggett drove them to their destination which she now knew was Jacksonville, North Carolina. She had managed to persuade him half an hour ago to give her a clue as to where they were going, and Doggett finally let her know where but he wouldn't say why.
They only had two hours left now of steady driving to do and Scully was offering to switch seats. Doggett agreed and they pulled over to the drive thru services for a while to get lunch.
Scully and Doggett both went to a small restaurant where Doggett got a burger and Scully bought a salad with a bottle of water and some chocolate. As they sat eating in the restaurant, Scully thought about what Mulder would say if he knew she was here with Doggett. “Dana? I said, are you okay?” Doggett asked, awakening Scully from her thoughts. “Sorry John. Did you say something?” she asked as she ate a mouthful of salad. “I was asking you what you would like for dinner tonight. What do you fancy, Agent Scully?” Doggett asked as he hungrily devoured his burger.
Scully thought for a moment. “What kind of restaurant will we be going to?” she asked. Doggett grinned at her. “Anywhere you want, it’s on me, Dana,” he told her. He had wanted to spoil her like this for a very long time now, all he wanted to do was make her happy. Scully smiled back as she appreciated his generosity. “Okay well, if you insist,” she said as she finished her salad and moved on to her chocolate.
“I really do,” Doggett replied as he finished off his burger and wiped his mouth with his napkin. “Okay, I like… chicken,” she decided. “What kind?” Doggett asked as he ate his fries. “Chicken kievs with garlic and parsley,” she added. Doggett nodded. “That sound good,” he said. “I've not tried that before but it does sound good. I usually have New York steak,” he told her. Scully nodded and smiled. “I figured you might be a steak loving kind of guy,” she told him with a grin and a raised eyebrow. Doggett grinned back, enjoying this playful side that Dana seemed to have now and again when they weren't working too hard together. “How’d you figure?” He asked.
Scully immediately felt heat coming to her cheeks as she blushed a little. “Well for a big guy like you it won't be surprising to know you like steak,” she said.
Doggett grinned. “Big guy? Me? Really?” He asked, enjoying teasing her and making her smile. He liked seeing her blush too and this made him think she still had feelings for him. But he stopped himself right there. They were friends, close colleagues and that was it. Scully shrugged. “Well you are a healthy guy,” she said, and this made Doggett blush. “Right, I guess we’re done eating,” Scully said, trying to change the subject. “Guess we better order the tab,” she said, and Doggett signalled to the waitress where he paid for both their lunches.
“Really John, I can pay my way,” Scully had insisted as she got out her wallet. But Doggett insisted no, he didn't mind paying. So Doggett paid and Scully went to the bathroom for another bout of morning sickness before getting back in the drivers seat and started the car as soon as Doggett got in. They were once again driving down the highway, and on their way to Jacksonville for Doggett’s trip.

Chapter 3
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Agents Doggett and Scully arrived at the motel in Jacksonville that Doggett had booked for them. Scully was driving and she felt okay for the rest of the journey.
They had rooms next to each other so they went to unload their things before agreeing to meet at 3pm.
Doggett smiled to himself as he booked a table for two at a nice restaurant a little further down the road. He planned to show Scully around the place before treating her to dinner. They would then drive home on Sunday morning and get back in time for work on Monday.
Once he booked the table, Doggett carried on unpacking his things and sat in his bed, reading the brochure he had bought with him. He felt nostalgic coming back to his area. The last time he went was two years ago, and it was to remember his fallen comrades. Yes, Doggett had taken Scully to see the Marine’s Beirut memorial of the Lebanon barracks bombings in 1983.
Doggett still remembered that terrible day, and figured he was lucky to be on patrol that day, otherwise he would be among the fallen. He felt Scully needed to see what happened to him in the military so that their trust for each other could deepen.
As he read the brochure of the memorial a wave of sadness engulfed him as he remembered his friend, Greg Hartman USMC, his fellow marine who had been on duty there.
He and Doggett were quite close, and Doggett regretted not spending enough time with him on the last day before Doggett went out on patrol.
Now he vowed to live life to the fullest, and that was one of the reasons why he wanted Scully to come on this trip.
Doggett took out a photo of himself with the rest of Bravo Company and smiled sadly at it. He knew he would never forget them. Serving in the military was the best thing Doggett felt he could do with his life and he didn't regret it one bit. He remembered the day when he finally made it as a Sergeant and that made him smile again. At that moment there was a knock on the door. Doggett stood up and made his way to the door before opening it and finding Agent Scully standing there. He smiled at this pretty lady standing in front of him.
Scully smiled back. “Agent Doggett,” she greeted him. “Agent Scully,” he replied as he put on his jacket and smiled back at her. “Are we ready to go to this place of yours?” she asked with a raised eyebrow. Doggett could see she was trying to work out where they were in her mind. He was sure he could even hear her thoughts at times.
“Yep, let’s get this show on the road,” he told her as he locked the door behind him. A few minutes later they were in the car again and Doggett drove them to their final destination, with Scully finally beginning to enjoy herself as she looked around at the scenery, trying to guess where they were. She was acting almost like a child again, and said the ‘are we there yet?’ question to Doggett which annoyed him a little, but he was okay with it as he knew she was just teasing him.
He felt more relaxed with her teasing and enjoyed making her laugh. It was good to see her smile again.

Beirut Memorial grounds

“Here we are,” Doggett announced as they approached a toll gate and rolled down his window so he could pay for the car park. Scully looked around her in surprise. “A memorial?” She asked him. Doggett nodded. “I thought I'd show you what the tattoo on my arm meant,” he told her as he paid for their entrance fee ticket.
“Wow. You are full of surprises, John,” Scully told him feeling touched and impressed by this gesture from her partner.
She read the big marble sign that was ahead of them as Doggett parked the car in the parking lot. “They came in peace,” Scully said, reading the sign out loud. Doggett nodded as he parked and switched off the engine. “Are you ready to go, Dana?” He asked her. Scully nodded. “Let’s go,” she said, before they both got out of the car and made their way to the memorial building.

Chapter 4
Agent Doggett and Agent Scully entered the memorial museum after queuing for a few minutes as it wasn't very crowded that day.
“So, Dana, I wanted to show you what it was like for me in my army days, and I thought this was the best way to show you. What do you think?”
Doggett asked her. Scully smiled and placed her hand on his arm. “It’s really interesting John,” she told him sincerely. “Thank you for bringing me,” she said, before she let go of Doggett’s arm and Doggett began to show and tell Scully what the museum was showing.
“That was where we all met and slept in the barracks there,” Doggett told her, pointing to the first picture. “Can you see me? Guess where I am,” Doggett said with a grin as she studied the photo. “Is that you in the corner there John?” She asked, pointing to a younger Doggett wearing his sergeant’s uniform. Doggett nodded. “Yep, that's me,” he told her and Scully grinned. “Looking good, Sergeant Doggett,” she told him. Doggett then showed her the photos on that fateful day when Over 200 Marines died from explosives that were bought to camp by the enemy that breeches their security.
“I was on patrol that day and we came back to this terrible sight,” Doggett told Scully. He swallowed hard, surprised to see that the event still effected him deeply in this way.
“I'm sorry John,” Scully said softly. “That must have been awful. I can't imagine what it must have been like for you, loosing all your friends and colleagues like that,” she said sympathetically.
Doggett nodded and smiled a small smile at her. “Thanks,” he said simply, before they carried on looking around the memorial.
Doggett then walked Scully outside to the memorial wall, where the names of the fallen were carved into the stone wall. Doggett felt strange coming here for the first time since it happened, as the memories of the day came rushing back to him as he saw the names. He lifted his hand and pointed to the name Greg Hartman.
“That was my old buddy,” he managed to tell Scully. Scully nodded sympathetically. “Were you close?” She asked. Doggett nodded. “Yeah. We were bunk mates and he would tell me about us family. He and two kids and wife who live in Kentucky. I was there when he died in the infirmary- I promised him I'd live life to the full,” he told Scully softly. Scully sighed. “That's why you bought me here?” She asked.
Doggett nodded. “It's okay John,” Scully told him. “Lets sit on that bench for a minute. You look a little strung out,” she told him. Doggett took her hand and let her lead him to the bench where they sat side by side quietly for a moment.
A few people walked by them and headed towards the wall as they held hands and cried softly.
Doggett gave Scully the brochure and she studied it as he thought about his military friends for a moment.
“So did you uh, have any more soldiers that you were friends with, John?” Scully asked him. Doggett nodded. “I used to know a soldier in our Bravo Company called Knowle Rorher. We were good friends in the USMC, but he got drafted out early with this female marine- Shannon McMahon,” he told her.
“What happened to them?” Scully asked as Doggett showed her his photo of Bravo Company that he carried around in his wallet.
Doggett shrugged. “I don't know. They wouldn't say why and I've not seen her since, but I heard Rorher works in the secret service now,” he guessed.
Scully nodded and gave back the picture to Doggett. It was now clouding over and a few drops of heavy rain began to fall. Scully pulled her green suede coat closer around her as it started to get windy.
“How about we go to canteen for coffee before going out for dinner?” Doggett suggested as he too zipped up his black leather jacket. Scully nodded gratefully as she started to feel the cold. “Sounds good to me,” she said with a smile before they both got up and walked back towards the main building.

Chapter 5

Agent Doggett pulled on a black jumper he had packed and sat on the bed in his motel room. He was watching a car race on TV while he waited for Agent Scully to get ready for their dinner.
Doggett felt a little better and more relaxed since he had told Scully about what happened in his army days. He guessed she understood him now and he understood her. It was pouring with rain now but thankfully the restaurant was close by. They agreed to go to dinner at 5:30pm before retiring to bed early as they had to get up for 9am and begin the long 5 hour journey back to Georgetown and Virginia.
When the race finished at 5:35pm, Doggett heard a knock on his door and smiled to himself. He knew they were only friends, but he couldn't help but look forward to see what she will wear for dinner that evening.
Doggett made his way to the door and opened it to reveal a formally dressed Scully in a long black and red dress to go with her red hair. Doggett thought she looked stunning and couldn't take his eyes off of her. “Dana?” He asked in surprise. She smiled casually at him. “John,” she said, and wrapped a black jacket around her shoulders to stay dry as she stood under Doggett’s porch. “You look… amazing,” Doggett managed to finally say. Scully smiled and looked at the floor shyly. “You look quite smart yourself, John,” she told him, and Doggett found himself beaming with pleasure at that compliment from his partner.
Scully looked back up into his eyes and they smiled at each other. “Right, well shall we get going and get out of this rain?” Scully asked, bringing them back to the moment. Doggett nodded and pulled on his leather jacket again before holding out his arm for her to take. “Shall we?” he asked her, trying his best to act like a gentleman.
Scully smiled and linked her arm with his. “Yes, let’s,” she replied, and they both hurried across the street to the restaurant that was just around the corner.
Once inside the busy restaurant, Doggett and Scully were shown to their table and they sat down to order.
Once they ordered their meals, Doggett allowed himself to a beer while Scully opted for orange juice, telling him she was on a diet and read somewhere that alcoholic drinks contain a ridiculous about of calories which she didn't need.
Doggett chose to believe her as they held up their drinks in a toast. “To old friends,” Doggett said, and Scully smiled in agreement. “To old friends,” she repeated, and they clinked their glasses together before drinking.
“So Agent Doggett,” Scully began as Doggett drank his beer. “What did you say you had a degree in again?” She asked. “Yeah. A Master’s degree in Public Administration. I went to Syracuse University,” Doggett told her after sipping his beer. “Really?” Scully asked with interest. “Yeah. It was a lot of studying facts and figures and how businesses and the government work,” Doggett told her, liking the fact that she seemed to like what he did with his life.
“How about you, Agent Scully?” He asked her. “I know you’ve got a what has to be a Masters degree in all the sciences right?” he asked.
“What makes you think that?” Scully asked with a raised eyebrow. “Well, I know someone as beautiful and intelligent like yourself must have a great education,” Doggett said a little shyly as he averted his gaze from her slightly. When he turned back to look at her he was relieved to see that she was smiling, and he thought he could see her blush a little at his compliment.
Doggett had fixed feelings about this- he wanted to be her friend until they found Mulder. Nothing more was meant to happen between him and Scully until then. But he couldn't help gazing into her piercing blue eyes as she told him about herself.
“Yes, I did get a bachelor degree of science in physics,” Scully told him. “I wrote a thesis on Einstein’s Twin Paradox,” she added just before their food arrived. Scully had a chicken Kiev and Doggett had spaghetti as he loved pasta.
“Cool. What’s that about?” Doggett asked as they began to eat. Scully began to explain to him the idea of the difference in age between one remain who went into space and stayed the same age versus the other twin who stayed on earth and aged.
Doggett tried to look like he understood as he really was interested, which made Scully giggle. “What is it?” Doggett asked. “It’s okay John,” Scully told him and reached over to place her hand on his. “A lot of people who ask me about it needs a while to understand it too,” she said, and they both shared a smile before getting back to their meal.

Chapter 6
Sunday, 7:30am

Agent Doggett rolled over in bed to switch off his alarm before sitting up for a moment and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.
He smiled as he thought back to his dinner with Dana last night. He silently congratulated himself for organising a great weekend, and Dana looked like she enjoyed herself once they relaxed in each other’s company. Doggett had walked Dana back to her room and she kissed him on the cheek before they both said good night. The rain was gone now and bright sunlight filtered through the blinds in Doggett’s window as he gathered his clothes and got dressed into black jeans and the same white t shirt from yesterday before packing the rest of his things in his backpack.
He had arranged to get Scully at 8:am so they could go to the diner along the road and have an early breakfast before their long drive home.
After making sure he got everything and his room was tidy, Doggett left the room and locked the door behind him as he walked across to Scully’s room. It was 8am and he knew Scully would be ready as she was very punctual and reliable, another trait of her personality that Doggett liked about her. His army service had taught him to be punctual and reliable too and he liked having that in common with Dana.
“Dana,” he called as he knocked on her door. “Just a moment, John,” Scully called from inside. A minute later she opened the door. She was wearing jeans and a black t shirt as she carried her overnight bag with her. She smiled at Doggett in greeting as she closed the door behind her. “All set?” she asked him. Doggett smiled back. “Yep,” he told her as he showed her his bag. The two agents then walked to reception and checked out before getting in Doggett’s car. Doggett was driving the first half of the journey and Scully would drive the last half.
The sun shone down as they sped down the highway, Scully was reading Doggett’s brochure of the memorial grounds again as they drove.
About two hours into their journey, Scully’s phone rang. It was her mom. “Hey Dana,” she said. “Mom, hi,” Scully said in surprise as she answered. “Everything okay?” Scully asked. “Yes honey, I just wanted you to know we hermits from Charles last night,” Margaret told her. Scully looked surprise. “Charles? Is he okay?” she asked. “I'm afraid not Dana. He’s been in a motorcycle accident and he's in Preston Memorial hospital. I'm here now and I wondered if you could join us as soon as you're able,” she told her. “How is he? Is it really bad?” Scully asked worriedly.
“He's been knocked unconscious, but he’s awake now, and he's broken his left leg, so they're keeping him here for a week. He says he’s okay and wants to go home but they won't let him go yet. He’s not talking to me much so I was hoping you could help me talk to him when you get here,” Margaret explained.
“Okay, Mom,” Scully replied. “I'll get there tonight. See you,” she told her, before hanging up.
Doggett looked at her in concern. “Anything the matter?” He asked. Scully nodded and bit her lip. “My uh, estranged brother is in Maryland hospital with a broken leg. Mom’s asked me to go and see him with her tonight,” Scully told him. “Oh, sorry to hear that Dana,” Doggett told her. “You want me to come along with?” Doggett asked.
“It’s okay, thanks though John,” Scully told him, and they continued the drive in thoughtful silence.

Scully and Doggett arrived back in Virginia, and Sculy drove them back to her place before Doggett carried on driving back to his. Before he left Scully he told her he hoped her brother will get well soon and that she knew where he was if she needed him.
Scully smiled and thanked him before they parted ways. Doggett drove back to his place after picking up a takeaway pizza on the way. He miles to himself as he sat down on his couch.
He was looking forward to catching up with Scully again.

The end.

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