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Christmas Wishes...

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The X-Files

The X-Files

Rated G

 Published on
December 26, 2017

 Word Count

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27 minutes

Scully and Doggett's relationship is tested when an old flame of Scully's reappears, leaving Doggett feeling worried about where Scully''s loyalties lie...

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Written by Jack Anderson on 2018-08-14

Christmas Wishes...
By Spookygirl1

Disclaimer: I do not own the TV show The X Files. The X Files belongs to Chris Carter and 20th Century Fox.
I also do not own the characters Dana, Margaret, Matthew, Bill, Tara, Charles or Melissa Scully, or Mulder or John Doggett or Ed Jerse as they all belong to Chris Carter.

Chapter 1

December 23d,
Washington mall
Saturday, 12:30pm

Special Agent Dana Scully tried to stay calm as she hurried through the busy streets of Downtown Washington DC on the Saturday before Christmas. She was buying her Christmas presents in the last minute as work had been hectic in the run up to Christmas.
Scully carried a shopping bag that had gifts for her Mom, baby William, her nephew Matthew John, Monica, her boss Skinner and Bill who had promised to come home for Christmas. The Scullys were all spending Christmas at Scully’s apartment, and Reyes said she’d drop by. John didn’t mind having her family around for Christmas- he didn’t have much in the way of family so it didn’t bother him. He had one uncle David and his parents were retired and moved to Australia a few years ago, so he was happy with living with her for a while, he told her.
Scully rushed into a local toy store and began to look for a present for William. She thought about getting a present for Charles and Mulder, but with a heavy heart she knew Mulder could not and should not be reached until she was sure it was safe for him to come home.
Scully decided to explain the situation to him in an email she would send. After a few moments deliberating she decided to just get Charles a card. Her mom had told Scully recently that she still couldn’t find him so Scully concluded he still wasn’t talking to them.
With a sigh Scully picked up a mini toy fire truck and a set of toy cars that she thought William would like.
Earlier Scully had bought her Mom a crucifix necklace as a way of respect and also to thank her for what she had done for her over all those years of being on the X Files, and she is still supporting Scully now.
Scully bought her brother Bill a model navy boat for him to put together over Christmas. She hoped it wasn’t too obvious a present for her brother, but he was always pleased with her presents so Scully hoped this would be good.
She also bought John a new digital watch with an engraving on the back that read: “For John. Love Dana 2016”.
She then bought Skinner card and a gift card for shopping which she gave him yesterday.
Scully looked around the store for a present for Matthew and Monica. She walked around the toy section which was almost empty.
Then she spied something for Monica- a toy Flying Saucer and a mug with an alien on the front. Scully was pleased with that and placed it in her basket before getting one last present – a sailor doll for her nephew. She thought it was just the right thing considering that Matthew’s father was in the navy.
Finally, Scully made her way to the jewellery section as she decided to get a necklace set for her sister in law Bill’s wife Tara. Scully found what she wanted in no time- a pale blue mini locket necklace in the shape of a heart and with blue heart shaped earrings to match.
After making sure all her gifts were in her basket, Scully prepared herself to wait in one of the many long lines at the tills. She sighed as she stepped into a line with 10 people in front of her. Scully looked at her watch impatiently before to her surprise, a deep voice said behind her, “nothing like the Christmas rush in the last minute is there Dana?” Scully jumped and turned round, only to see a tall, dark and handsome familiar man standing behind her with a big grin on his face. Scully couldn’t say anything for a full minute as she stared at him in surprise. The man chuckled. “The look on your face is priceless, Dana,” he told her with a smile.
Scully gulped. “Ed,” she managed to finally say. “What are you doing here?” she asked. “Well hello to you too,” Ed said and Scully felt herself blushing so she turned away slightly hoping that he didn’t see.
“I was just having lunch out there in the park across the street when I saw you come rushing down the street. I called out to you but you didn’t answer,” Ed told her. Scully sighed.
“I’m sorry Ed. I didn’t mean to ignore you, I was just busy,” she said. “So I see,” Ed said with a chuckle as he gestured to her shopping basket.
“At any rate I was wondering if you’d like to join me for lunch at the restaurant next door and catch up? My treat,” Ed suggested. Scully nodded and smiled at him. “That sounds great, thanks Ed,” she told him. “Have you eaten and if not what would you like to eat?” Ed asked.
“I haven’t eaten yet. But I would like vegetable lasagne with salad if that’s okay,” Scully asked. Ed grinned. “Great,” he told her.
“Okay, I’ll meet you in the restaurant Dana. See you there in a bit okay?” he asked her.
Scully smiled and nodded. “Sure,” she replied, “that sounds great. See you in a bit,” she said, and they both smiled at each other before Ed left Dana queuing in the long line ahead of her.

Chapter 2
Washington Mall
Same day, 13:00

Scully managed to buy her gifts in good time and was feeling positive as she walked towards the restaurant where Ed said he would meet her.
Scully was still in shock from meeting him here out of the blue. She met him 8 years ago and hadn’t seen him since he had to go to a psychiatric treatment centre in Philadelphia for burns.
Scully bit her lip as she looked around the crowded resturant for him. She knew it was dangerous meeting him like this due to their history, and Scully didn’t have a clue about how to tell Doggett about him. Scully and Ed had left things unfinished, and Scully sighed as she saw Ed waving at her from one of the tables at the back of the restaurant. She suspected Ed wanted to continue their relationship- how was she going to tell him about Doggett? She wondered as she forced a smile on her face before making her way over to him. Scully wasn’t even sure how she felt about seeing him again, she would have to work it out, she thought ruefully as she put her bags down by her seat and sat opposite Ed.
“Glad you’re back,” Ed said as he picked up his glass of red wine. “I hope it wasn’t presumptuous of me Dana but I ordered you half a shandy,” he told her with a wink.
Scully smiled, thankful he still remembered her kind of drink. No that’s fine. Thank you Ed,” she said after they clinked their glasses in a toast and took a swig as they waited for their food. “So,” Ed began. Scully smiled, beginning to relax in his company.
“So, what brings you here from Philly?” Scully asked. Ed grinned. “Still curious about me are we, Dana?” he asked quietly hinting.
Scully looked uncomfortable again as she didn’t want things to be the same with her and Ed before she left Philly.
Ed cleared his throat, and Scully hoped he got the hint. “Anyway, I’ve come here visiting my aunt. She lives over on M Street. She’s a bit sick today so that’s why she’s not with me,” Ed explained before taking another sip of his wine.
Scully nodded, and then the food came. Ed had ordered himself a roast chicken lunch with stuffing and salad, and Scully was happy with her lasagne. “I hope she gets well soon,” Scully said and Ed smiled. “Thanks,” he said as they both started to eat their lunch.
“How’s your um, arm?” Scully wanted to know, not knowing how else to ask. She blushed with embarrassment as Ed laughed.
“Straight to the point I see are we Dana?” he asked, and Scully felt better as she laughed with him. “I’m sorry Ed,” she said with a little giggle, “I just didn’t know how else to ask it, and I want you to be okay,” she told him. Before she could stop herself, Scully lifted her hand over the table and lightly touched Ed’s right hand with it.
Ed seemed pleasantly surprised by this action, and moved his hand in order to squeeze her hand in return but then Scully came to her senses and snatched her hand back sheepishly.
Ed cleared his throat, wincing at the action. “After you left I underwent psychiatric treatment for burns, and um, they gave me a prosthetic arm,” he told her, shrugging before lifting up his sleeve slightly to show her.
“Oh Ed,” Scully said in sympathy as she his arm and hand. “It’s okay, Dana,” he told her genuinely as he found himself reaching up across the table and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear.
Scully froze as he looked deeply into her eyes. “You made me get treatment Dana, and if you hadn’t I don’t know what else I would have done to myself. Thank you Dana for saving me,” he told her softly.
Scully swore she felt her whole body shake under his look and touch. She felt like she was being hypnotised as she stared back into his familiar hazelnut coloured brown eyes.
Finally she managed to speak. “That’s okay Ed, but, Ed, I’ve got a partner now and he’s um waiting for me so I will have to go after this,” she told him gently, as she gained control over her senses again.
Ed tensed as he let go and sat back in his chair. “I’m sorry Dana,” he told her softly. “I didn’t mean to startle you,” he added. Scully nodded.
“I know,” she said, before they went back to their lunches and ate silently for a little while.

Chapter 3
Washington Mall,
Same day, 14:00
The crowds of people shopping outside on the streets were still going strong, and Scully was grateful she was able to get all her shopping done that morning. She and Ed had finished their lunches and were on dessert now, Ed having a slice of chocolate cake and Scully had a slice of dark forest chocolate gateau cake.
She was still feeling conflicted about Ed and still wasn’t sure what to tell Doggett. Scully sipped the last of her wine before smiling at Ed who had just finished his lunch. “So, will you be shopping this afternoon Dana?” Ed asked a he took a sip of his drink. “No, I’m all done. Have you done your shopping yet?” she asked.
Ed grinned and held up a small gift bag. “For my aunt. All I need to get,” he told her with a wink. Scully grinned back. He must be lonely without many family members, she thought as an idea popped into her head. “Hey Ed,” she began. “Yeah?” Ed asked. Scully took a deep breath.
“Well if you’re free, I was wondering if you’d like to meet up again tomorrow for lunch, this time it’ll be my shout to say thanks for today,” Scully suggested a little nervously. Ed paused for a moment. “Ed?” Scully prompted.
Ed grinned, much to her relief. “Sure, I’ll come. Thanks Dana,” he replied and Scully nodded. “Great,” she said happily. “Where would you like to meet?” she asked as the waiter gave them their bill which Ed then paid for on his card.
“How about at that diner over there across the street?” Ed suggested as he gestured with his hand to the small restaurant to the left of them.
Scully turned round, saw the diner and nodded. “Sure. Thanks again Ed. I have to go, but I’ll see you tomorrow at the diner okay?” Scully asked as she put her coat back on and gathered her bags. “I look forward to it,” Ed replied with a grin. “Shall we meet at noon?” he asked as he and Scully shared a friendly handshake goodbye.
“Sounds good. Have a good day Ed. It was nice bumping into you,” Scully told him truthfully. Ed smiled. “Feeling’s mutual, Dana,” he replied. “Do send my regards to your aunt and tell her I hope she gets well soon,” Scully told him. “Will do. Thanks Dana. Have a good day and see you tomorrow,” Ed told her before they smiled one last smile at each other.
The smile went on longer than Scully thought- she found herself unable to take her gaze away from Ed’s handsome face. Ed looked as though he couldn’t stop string at her either, as he gave her a long, lingering look into her eyes.
It was as if Scully was under a spell again, Ed’s spell, that made her stuck and unable to move.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Scully was able to snap out of her reverie and shook her head to try and make things clear agin. Ed broke his gaze too and they both cleared their throats. “Well, bye,” Scully said, before making her way to the exit without looking back. “Bye Dana,” Ed said softly to himself before leaving and began to head home.

Scully hummed to herself as she got out of her car. She had driven home and now she made her way to her door after gathering her shopping bags and locking the car door.
Once in her apartment, Scully turned to see Doggett relaxing on the couch as he watched a NASCAR race on TV. He turned and smiled at her when he saw her come in. “Dana,” he greeted her warmly, before getting up and helping her bring in her bags. They kissed passionately before sharing a hug. “Hey John,” Scully murmured, happy to have this familiar feeling of being warm in his arms again. She always felt safe with Doggett and she appreciated the love she could feel from him.
“How’d the shopping go?” Doggett asked her as he lead her back to the couch. “All done, thanks,” Scully told him with a smile as they sat on the sofa together. “Rather you than me, I can never shop with the crowds at this time of year,” Doggett said with a chuckle. “So what about your family John?” Scully asked. They hadnt talked about his family very much as she knew they never saw each other. Doggett sighed.
“Same old,” he said with a shrug. “My parents retired and moved to Australia. Not heard from them since,” he added. Scully nodded, biting her lip. She was considering telling him about Ed, but she didn’t want to upset him.
“Dana?” Doggett asked. Scully blinked. “Yes John?” she asked. “Are you okay? Did something happen today? It’s just you looked like you were miles away for a moment there,” Doggett prompted. Scully finally decided what to do.
She took a deep breath and began to tell Doggett about her meeting with Ed.

Chapter 4
Christmas Eve,
Washington Mall, 11:45

Scully sat on the bench in the park that was opposite the diner that she and Ed would be meeting to eat lunch together soon.
After telling Doggett about Ed, Doggett had gone quiet and had seemed a bit tense with her for the rest of the day. Scully had spent the time since then trying to assure him that Ed was just an old friend and that she wasn’t interested in him.
Doggett had just looked at her and said, “Okay Dana. I trust you. It’s fine,” he added, as if he was convincing himself more than anything. Scully didn’t believe those words as he spoke them while avoiding eye contact with her.
They had gone to bed not talking, and Doggett was out early to meet a friend of his, or so he said.
Scully left the apartment by herself before driving to the Mall where she intended to meet Ed once again. In the way Scully found herself wondering what life would have been like if she married Ed instead of Doggett. Ed had alwayss been able to excite her as she didn’t know much about him. He was one of the strong and silent type of guy and very mysterious.
Since she last spoke to Doggett, Scully had found herself wondering if she and Doggett really were meant to be together.
Unfortunately, his reaction about Ed didn’t inspire her confidence of them being a loving and trusting couple. Which left Scully wondering as she sat outside enjoying the warm midday sun on her face, if she and Doggett trusted each other enough or if simple jealousy is enough to break them up? If they truly madly deeply loved each other, then there’d be no need for jealousy in a situation like this would there?
If Doggett was going to get jealous every time Scully met an old friend then maybe they didn’t really love each other at all. After all, what is a loving relationship without trust or security? Scully asked herself.
She then closed her eyes briefly, trying to imagine how she would feel if Doggett met an old female friend and bought her to meet Scully.
What would I do then? She asked herself. Would she throw a jealous fit too and tell the girl to stay from Doggett? Or would she believe Doggett’s words when he would tell her that she was just a friend and that she had nothing to worry about. Could she trust Doggett then?
“Hey,” Ed’s voice woke her from her reverie as Scully looked up, a little startled. “You okay Dana?” Ed asked. After a second Scully managed to regain her composure before she looked up and smiled at Ed. His tall lanky frame placed her in shadow and he held out a hand for her to take.
“Sure. Thanks Ed,” she replied with a grin as she took Ed’s hand to help herself stand. Ed smiled and they let their hands go from each other before walking over to the diner.
“How are you Ed?” Scully asked with a smile. “I’m good thanks,” he replied with that familiar grin. “How’s your aunt?” Scully asked as they entered the diner. “I hope she’s better,” Scully added. “Yeah, she’s better, thanks. She’ll be out and about in no time ready for Christmas,” Ed told her as they found a table to sit in the almost half empty diner.
Scully nodded, grinning. “That’s good to hear,” she said. “So what are you having for lunch?” Scully asked. Ed wanted a fry up for lunch, so Scully went up to the counter and ordered a fry up for Ed and a bagel with light cream cheese for herself. It was her favourite lunch lately as she found she felt like she had a bit more energy after eating it.
Ten minutes later Scully and Ed were both eating their lunches and drinking coffee. Christmas songs were playing on the radio and Ed was joking to Scully that he had heard Silent Night so many times that he’ll scream if he heard it again.
“You don’t like Christmas Ed?” Scully asked as she sipped her coffee. Ed shrugged. “It’s okay I guess. I just think it’s for people with big families, you know?” he asked her. Scully agreed. She then joked to Ed that she had forgotten her own birthday once, so she wasn’t a very festive person at all either.
“But I do try to be,” she added. “It’s just work gets in the way sometimes,” she told him. Ed nodded. “So how are things with your partner now Dana? I hope it’s going well with you two,” he said. Scully smiled as she took a bite of her bagel. “Thank you,” she said, “although we have been distant lately,” she admitted. “Oh?” Ed asked with a raised eyebrow as he took a swig of his coffee. Scully nodded.
“I just feel like sometimes we’re just together for the sake of it. I haven’t felt the spark between him and myself for a long time and we fall out easily,” Scully explained. She then hesitated before asking, “can I ask you something Ed?”
Ed nodded. “Sure,” he said, listening intently. Scully smiled in appreciation before continuing, “would you stay with that someone if you were me? Or would you leave?” she asked.
Ed blinked at her in surprise before drinking more of his coffee as he thought for a moment. Finally he said, “Dana, only you know the answer to that. Talk to him, surprise him with a present and if you still have things in common, then stay with him. But leave if he keeps arguing with you. Remember Dana, nothing worth having comes easy. Maybe you are going through a rough patch. At any rate just spend more time with him and that will help you decide if you still want to be with him or not,” Ed told her.
Scully smiled. “Thanks Ed,” she said feeling better now. “That’s really good advice and I’ll act on it,” she told him. “Just remember no relationship is worth it if the partner is abusive,” Ed said before smiling ruefully and gestured to his arm. “You know what I mean,” he said, referring to the tattoo that tainted him.
Scully nodded. “He’s not abusive, so don’t worry,” she said as they finished their lunches.
Scully paid the bill before they both left the diner.
It was now 1pm and it was sunny but cold outside. “Well, guess I better go,” Ed said before giving her a quick hug. “Thanks for meeting me and the lunch, Dana,” he told her. “Ditto, Ed,” Scully replied as she hugged him quickly back. “This is it. I’ll be heading back to Philly on Boxing Day,” Ed told her. Before Scully could reply Ed scribbled down his phone number and gave it to Scully. “Call me if you want,” he told her before they shared another moment together.
He then brushed a strand of hair from her forehead to her ear, and thus time Scully didn’t flinch. She nodded. “You too, Ed,” she managed to say before they smiled each other and she watched Ed go before looking at the phone number in her hand.

Chapter 5
Same day, 5pm
Scully’s apartment

Christmas was in full swing at Scully’s apartment. Her family had arrived together, except for Bill and Tara as they were running late.
When Scully got home after lunch Doggett was waiting for her. He had apologised for his behaviour about Ed and asked if they can get back to the way things were. Scully took this into consideration and remembered how hurt she felt when Doggett appeared to be ignoring her, so she told him she’d think about it, leaving tension between the two of them all throughout the family gathering.
But this tension didn’t go unnoticed. As always, Scully’s mom Margaret noticed Scully and Doggett weren’t talking to each other very much, so she pulled Scully to one side and asked her what was wrong. Scully sighed and told her mom everything.
“Oh, Dana,” her mom said when Scully finished telling her everything as they stood in the kitchen.
“I’m sure John loves you. I know the look on a man’s face that shows he’s in love, like the way your father used to look at me,” she told her daughter. “Really?” Scully asked. “There’s a look?” she asked. Margaret grinned and chuckled.
“Of course there is, Dana. You just need to stop pushing people away and start investing more into your relationship with John. He is a good man Dana, like your father. Good men are hard to find so when you find one you hold onto him and don’t let go,” she said.
“You think John really loves me, Mom?” Scully asked, biting her lip. Margaret laid a comforting hand on Scully’s shoulder. “Dana, I don’t think, I know,” Margaret told her with a knowing smile.
Just as they were about to hug, a lady entered the kitchen. “Mom! Dana!” she squealed excitedly. Margaret and Scully turned to see an excited Tara entered the room and hugged them both in a bear hug. “Tara, you made it,” Margret explained. “Good to see you Tara,” Scully told her as the hug ended. “How are you dear?” Margaret asked her daughter in law.
“I’m great thanks! Bill’s in the lounge with Matthew. How are you Dana?” Tara asked. Margaret smiled and took Tara’s hand before leading her into the lounge. “I’m good thanks Tara,” Scully told her before following them into the lounge.
Meanwhile, Doggett was asking Bill for some advice on his sister Dana. Bill chuckled when he heard what Scully and Doggett were going through. “Buddy, look, I know Dana and I know she loves you. You’ve made my sister the happiest since Mulder walked out on her. I’m sure she’ll never look at anyone else the way she does about you,” Bill told him before hugging Margaret and accepting a glass of champagne that Tara was handing around.
“Really? You think Mulder walked out on her? I thought I was the only one,” Doggett said before having a sip of his champagne. Bill nodded. “Yeah, I’ve always disliked that Mulder guy with his head up in the clouds. You thought the same?” he asked. Doggett nodded and the two men grinned at each other.
“John, I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship,” Bill said as he placed a friendly arm on Doggett’s shoulder. They clinked their glasses together in a toast and grinned at each other before taking another sip of bubbly.
“So how about Dana?” Doggett asked thoughtfully. “How do I show her I love her?” he asked. Bill smiled. “I have an idea about that,” he said with a grin. He subtly pulled Doggett away from the group and talked to him in a confidential tone, “see John, here’s what you do…,” without realising Scully was watching them from across the room with her arms folded across her chest.
What are they up to? She wondered before going back to the conversation she was having with Tara, Margaret and Matthew.

Chapter 6
Christmas Day
December 25th

It was a bright and sunny day with no snow insight as the Scully’s and Doggett woke on Christmas morning. Everyone woke at around 7am with Matthew being the most eager.
Presents were exchanged as the Scully’s and Doggett gathered round the tree and Matthew was the most excited with all his toys.
Scully was delighted with her mother’s gift to her, which was a pair of pearl earrings and a pearl locket that contained a photo of her and Melissa in it.
The presents were happily accepted and Doggett watched Scully’s reaction to his gift as she opened it with a grin. It was a medium sized package and Scully opened it. What was inside made Scully smile a wide smile. Doggett had gotten her a new tablet, one that can hold all her music and remind her when her birthday was, he had joked. Scully leapt up and embraced Doggett in a bear hug before giving him a deep kiss which everyone clapped to. As Scully sat back down she looked at her mom who mouthed, “I told you so” in reference to Doggett’s obvious love for her daughter. Scully smiled back at her mom and they went back to opening presents.
Scully then gave Doggett his gift. “Go on,” Scully told him with a smile. “Open it.” Doggett grinned as he took the package. “Should I open it? Who knows what’s inside?” he asked and everyone chuckled. Scully watched his reaction and smiled with relief when she saw him smile as he saw what the gift was. Doggett held the digital watch up for everyone to see.
“Read the back,” Scully told him. He smiled at her again before doing as instructed. “For John. Love Dana 2016,” he read, and everyone applauded again as he embraced Scully. “Of course, the best gift I could ever have is you, Dana,” he said, and they both smiled at each other before sharing another kiss.
Once all the presents were opened and all the wrapping paper disposed of, Scully decided to get the turkey ready. Doggett was in the kitchen while everyone was having tea and biscuits in the lounge, and Matthew was playing with his new toys on the floor next to his mum.
Bill decided to give Doggett and Scully a hand with the turkey too, so all three cooks were in the kitchen.
When dinner came, the turkey was done very well, and everyone sat round the dining table in Scully’s kitchen as Margaret gave Scully a hand serving food.
There was much laughing and joking in the happy atmosphere of Scully’s apartment, and Scully smiled as she looked at the success she had gotten by holding Christmas at her place.
After Doggett placed the turkey on the table, he hit the side of his wine glass with a spoon, signalling for everyone to be quiet. He was going to do what Bill had abused him to do.
With a deep breath, Doggett began, “hey everyone. I just want to say this year’s Christmas has been a blast. We all made it and I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say it’s been great catching up with everyone again,” he said. “Hear, hear,” Bill said, and everyone smiled.
“Christmas is a time for family, and friends. It’s a time to get together and giving. I cannot think of another person who has given us more for Christmas this year than my lovely partner, lover, best friend, Dana,” Doggett said, and everyone turned to look at Scully, grinning at her. Scully blushed, completely taken off guard. She never expected this.
“So I hope you’ll join me in a toast as a thank you to Dana for having Christmas here this year, and we hope you all will have a great 2017,” Doggett finished as he raised his glass. “To family,” he said, and everyone raised their glasses, “to family,” they echoed and clinked their glasses together. Across the table, Scully smiled at Doggett, mouthing the words, “I love you,” to which Doggett smiled and winked in response.
Whilst Doggett started to carve the turkey a while later, Scully excused herself and went to her bedroom. There she sat down on the bed and took out the piece of paper that Ed had written his number on. She sighed, stared at it, before scrunching up the paper and tossing it in the trash. She now knew, more than ever, that it was Doggett she wanted to be with, and no one else. With a confident smile Scully walked back to the dining table. This is where I’m meant to be, she thought.
After carving the turkey, Doggett went to the bedroom as he wanted a map to show Bill where he was from. He and Bill met only once before today, and with him being in the Marines and Bill in the Navy, Doggett had found that they had a couple of things in common.
Doggett looked around and couldn’t find it at first, but he finally found it when he opened the bottom drawer near the floor.
When he closed the drawer after retrieving the map, Doggett noticed a scrunched up piece of paper that lay next to the trash. Doggett picked it up, thinking it might be his. He unfolded it, and frowned when he saw what was written on the paper. My number. Ed. Doggett didn’t know he had given Scully his number.
Doggett frowned as he put the ball of paper in his pocket before heading to the kitchen, intending to talk to Scully about this later…

To Be Continued…

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