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 Written by
Jack Anderson

The X-Files

The X-Files

Rated PG-13

 Published on
October 16, 2017

 Word Count

 Read Time
5 minutes

This episode takes place just after the movie

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Great opening!
Written by Spookygirl1 on 2019-01-06
Nice style writing, very clear and interesting. Good set up with the mysterious CSM. Can't wait to see what happens next!

By Jack Anderson


OCTOBER 13, 1998, 11:21 PM

Darkness has fallen. A young girl is running in the middle of a forest so big and thick that her screams are not reaching far. And she screams. And screams again. No one. Nothing. Only fear. And sounds.
The sounds are more impressive than anything else. She stops for a second. And, suddenly, the forest looks like a thousand creatures are moving without being seen. Insects, animals, or simply the wind blowing on the leaves.
It is cold. So cold. She wears nothing but her bra and her panties. Her hands are so cold that she physically cannot move her fingers anymore.
She would die to be in her warm bed, or any bed. But it's probably too late, she will probably die. She is lost. And there is no road. Just a cold dark forest from every angle.
And even though she has no clue where she's going, she keeps moving anyway. Her feet are probably bleeding, but if she stops, she knows only one thing. She will die.


OCTOBER 14, 8:32 PM

A full moon is reflecting on the eponymous pool.
Fox Mulder arrives at the National Mall and slowly walks up the stairs. He arrives in front of Lincoln, sitting here and watching him like a king on his thrown.
He then looks on his right and sees a small red light in the dark. The light seems to move a bit.
A cigarette.
Mulder: You!
CSM, walking slowly from the dark: Yes, me, Agent Mulder. Always me.
Mulder: It was you all along!
CSM: That sounds a little bit too cliché. Let's just say I owed you a favour.
Mulder: For what? Your thousand sins?
CSM: Don't laugh, this is the end of the game, Mulder. The final move.
Mulder: What move?
CSM: The moment where the king gets eaten. Checkmate.
Mulder: What do you want!
CSM: You may think I am your enemy. And maybe I am. But now that the end is near, I think it's time you know the truth. I owe it to you. I owe it to your father.
Mulder: Don't you talk about my father, you son of a bitch. You had him killed. The only ones who'll remember you are the dead bodies you left behind.
CSM: I won't deny that I've done terrible things.
Mulder looks at CSM, angry but speechless.
CSM: Look at him, Mulder.
Mulder looks at the Lincoln statue.
CSM: Did you know that on the day he was shot, Lincoln told his bodyguard that he dreamt he was assassinated?
Mulder: I don't understand what this has to do with me.
CSM: Dreams can be very deceitful, Mr. Mulder. You may think you remember something, but who's to say it was a dream, a thought... wishful thinking?
CSM takes a puff at his cigarette.
CSM: What are your dreams made of, Agent Mulder?
Mulder: Finding my sister. That's all that matters to me now. And I think I've spent enough time talking to you already.
CSM: You know, Mr. Mulder, time is a very powerful ally. The best of all. It slowly fades everything away.
Mulder: Not the truth. I will find proof, I already did. I'll find some again. And when you'll be behind bars, all you'll have in life is your cigarette... if they even let you smoke.
CSM: But I've a my jail-free card.
Mulder: I'm sure you know someone as corrupt as you who'd...
CSM, interrupting Mulder: Not someone. Something. An information.
Mulder: About what?
CSM: The location of Samantha.
Mulder: How dare you use her name.
CSM: I use her name because I know her. I know what happened to her... I know where she is.
Mulder: Is she... is she still alive?
CSM: You know, Mr. Mulder, I've lied many times throughout my life. But today I will tell you the truth.
Mulder: Why today?
CSM: Because this is the end. I'm out of the game. I've got reasons you wouldn't understand. But I want to do this, because I know it's right. I want to give you the truth while I can.
Mulder: What is the truth?
CSM: The truth, Mr. Mulder, is that she is alive. She is waiting to see you.
Mulder: What?! Where! Where is she?
CSM: That's not so easy, Mulder. There will be a price to pay.
Mulder: What price?
CSM: There can be only exchanges. No one has ever returned without being exchanged. That is why Duane Barry was able to live, even though not for long. For someone to come back, someone has to be given. That's the truth. That is the pact.
Mulder: A devil's pact.
CSM: Call it however you want. There can be only 51 lives in the stars. The question is, do you want your sister to be part of the 51.
Mulder: What about Scully? She was returned.
CSM: And do you know at what price? Do you know who is up there, suffering because you couldn't handle the loss of Scully?
Mulder: Scully didn't have anything to do in this.
CSM: I didn't choose Scully. I never chose anyone, you know.
Mulder: And now you want to do the same?
CSM: I don't want to do anything, Mulder. You came to me, remember? I didn't ask for Samantha to be taken away. Your father did. When he chose her over you. When he chose a 9 year old to be abducted by the most frightening creatures of all time. When he chose a young girl to be given into the hands of monsters.

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