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X Files Ressurection part 2


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The X-Files

Rated G

 Published on
May 26, 2019

 Word Count

 Read Time
13 minutes

Agent Mulder attempts to restore the X Files while Fowley lays in hospital. Will she recover? Takes place after Fight the Future and before The Beginning, season six.

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X Files Ressurection part 2
By Spookygirl1

X Files: Resurrection part 2…

After Agent Fowley's recovery, Mulder attempts to retrieve his X Files. Will he be able to since the office fire destroyed everything?

Chapter one salvage

"Mulder," Scully called after her partner as she followed him down the hallway towards their X Files office.
Mulder paused and they looked at each other when they reached the elevator. "What is It Scully?" Mulder asked impatiently as he pressed the down button.
"You could've stuck up for me in there, Scully. I thought we were a team," Mulder complained as the elevator took them to the ground floor.
Scully sighed as the elevator doors pinged open and the two agents went to get their lunch in the canteen.
"Please don’t be mad at me, Mulder," Scully pleaded as they got their lunches of sandwiches and a yoghurt for Scully.
When Mulder didn’t answer as they queued up, Scully put her hands on her hips and glared at him. "Fox William Mulder, you are in no position to be mad at me. I have supported your professional friendship with Agent Fowley, now you have to be understanding with me. It's only fair," she pointed out.
Mulder sighed. She did have a point. "So you don’t think we can get the X Files up and running again do you?" he asked her as he paid for their lunches.
Scully sighed as she followed him to a table before sitting down with him. "It's not that. I'm just being realistic that’s all. So is Skinner," Scully told him gently as she placed her hand comfortingly on his.
"But I NEED the X Files, Scully. You know those Files are my life. Without them, I'm nothing," he told her. Scully smiled a small smile. "You're never nothing, Mulder," she told him gently before they gazed into each other's eyes for a moment.
Then Scully cleared her throat and they took their hands away from each other before eating their lunch.
"So what're you going to do first Mulder?" Scully asked him as she ate her apple and tuna salad sandwich before tackling her yoghurt with a little bee pollen.
"I'm going to wait In the bull pen and do background checks until they bring up some of the left over X Files to me I suppose. Then I'll go and see Fowley," Mulder told her.
Scully nodded. "Mind If I tag along?" she asked. Mulder smiled. "Sure. Thanks Scully," he told her in appreciation.
"No problem. What would you do without me hey?" Scully asked with a grin. "I dread to think," Mulder grinned back before they finished their lunches.

Later that afternoon, the two agents visited Fowley but they stayed outside her hospital room at first as Fowley's brother was In there with her and it looked like they were having a very private and intense discussion.
Scully studied the other female agent thoughtfully through the window and found herself thinking the same questions that she had when they first met which were Who are you Fowley? What do you want with Mulder and the X Files?
Fowley was looking much better now. She was still hooked up to some equipment to help her breathe (as she had a punctured lung) but other than that she was fine.
She was sitting up In bed with a serious look on her face as she spoke to her brother.
Scully couldn’t help but wonder about what they might be talking about.
Finally, Dean looked up and saw the two agents at the window. Scully rubbed her neck uncomfortably as she saw him stand up after kissing Diana on the forehead. He then walked towards the door and closed the door behind him before turning to the agents.
Agent Scully took a deep breath, wondering what he would say.

Chapter two the request

"Uh, Agents, I'm going to make this quick as I have somewhere to be, so I'm going to come out with it and just ask you to please stay away from my sister and let her recover.
She's too weak at the moment to be worried about work and needs space. I hope you understand," he told them in a rather stern voice. To Scully's surprise, Mulder simply nodded. "That's fine, Mr Fowley. Agent Scully and I completely understand and we'll keep our distance," Mulder told him. Scully's jaw dropped as she watched them shake hands on it.
"Er, excuse me, Mr Fowley, but we're her colleagues. I understand she needs time to rest but please understand this: Agent Mulder and I need to work closely with her and find Gibson Praise," Scully argued.
Mulder placed a hand on her shoulder and gently told her, "Scully don’t worry. There's time for that. We need to go," he said.
Scully frowned. "We'll talk about it on the way home. Okay?" Mulder asked. Scully sighed. "Okay Mulder. Let's go," she said before following Mulder out of the hospital.

Chapter three Mulder's thoughts on Diana

Agent Mulder drove Scully home from the hospital later that evening, deep in thought. He was thinking about Fowley and hoped she was well again.
He understood they needed space from work so she could recover.
"Well?" Scully asked after a moments' silence. "Well what Scully?" Mulder asked, startling from his thoughts on Fowley. "Why can't we interview Fowley as soon as she can? She may know where Gibson went. Don’t you want to know Mulder? Don’t you want proof?" Scully asked.
Mulder sighed. "Scully, she's a friend of mine, like you. Please give her time to rest? For me?" he asked. Scully sighed reluctantly. "Ok Mulder. For you," she said, and Mulder smiled at her in appreciation. "Thanks Scully," he said before continuing to drive her home.
After Mulder drove Scully home, he quickly made his way back to the FBI building. Once parking his car in the parking lot, Mulder made his way to the X Files office.
Mulder looked behind him in the darkened hallway to make sure the coast was clear. It was, so Mulder proceeded and entered the half cluttered X Files office. Sure enough, as Skinner had told him, he had left a couple of boxes of burnt files on Mulder’s desk for him to put together again.
Mulder picked the boxes up and left the office quickly. He didn’t want Scully to see him and get her in trouble. He then made his way to his car and placed the boxes in the back seat before getting in the front seat and starting the car.
He then drove out of the FBI parking lot and made his way home.
Once he was back in his apartment Mulder flicked on the lights and ordered a quick pizza for dinner. While he waited for his meal Mulder rolled his sleeves up and began sifting through the Files on his coffee table. He put on the Twilight Zone before getting to work on putting the Files back together.
He needed the technology at the FBI Building to do a proper job, but he didn’t want to get caught. So he thought it was best to take home what he could, do his best and then take the Files back to the building to finish the job.
Mulder swallowed as he saw a familiar name stuck out from the corners of a burnt file. The name was Samantha Mulder. Mulder sighed and closed his eyes. He had a feeling that putting the Files back together was going to be a daunting task, as he knew he’d be forced to relive dark memories that he’d tried desperately to stop thinking about.
He prepared himself to walk down memory lane before opening another burnt file. He carefully pasted texts together and arranged the evidence such as photos and reports together in the right order. As he sifted through the photos, one in particular caught his eye. He shook his head as he studied it. It was burnt around the edges and the picture itself was faded, also due to the office fire. It was a photo of Scully when she was abducted by Duane Barry.
Mulder swallowed as he shut his eyes and relived those terrible weeks that Scully was missing and taken from him. He didn’t know how he coped without Scully. He gingerly placed the photo in its right file and made sure to keep it flat on his coffee table so as not to damage it further.
Then another photo slid out to the floor. Mulder cursed as he picked it up, trying to minimise the damage was proving to be quite trying. The photo was of Scully’s little girl, Emily. Mulder smiled a sad smile at the picture. She did look like Scully, and he remembered how happy Scully was when she was around the little girl.
He felt so bad about what happened to Emily and how it affected Scully. Scully was never quite the same after Emily passed away.
Finally, he came to the last photo in the pile and shook his head. It was a photo of him and Fowley when they founded the X Files in 1991. Time flew by to where he was now. He wondered how Fowley was getting on with her assignments in terrorism.
He did miss Fowley, Mulder mused to himself as he rubbed his tired eyes. But he didn’t dare go to the hospital to visit her as her brother requested that Mulder stay away and give her time to recover. Mulder was not looking forward to work the next day. He and Scully were now assigned to do background checks now in the bullpen of the FBI and out on the field as well.
Mulder couldn’t imagine doing anything more excruciating and boring- it was more dull than the task he was doing right now of putting the X Files back together!
He stared again at Fowley’s photo from their time at the FBI before she went off to do assignments studying terrorism.
He hoped she would be okay and decided to call her brother one last time to see how she was getting on. But Mulder didn’t have Fowley’s brother’s number so he thought he’d get it from the FBI database while he was doing background checks. After all, Fowley was an FBI agent so her details and family details would be found together.
A half hour later Mulder finished eating his pizza and carried on working. He was determined to start work on the X Files as soon as he could.

Chapter four Scully’s warning

The next morning dawned bright and sunny with clear blue skies. But Mulder wasn’t there to appreciate the morning. He stifled a yawn as he put one more piece of a file together. He rubbed the stubble on his chin. A clear sign that he hadn’t slept that night. The file task consumed him, so much so Mulder couldn’t sleep.
Just then there was a knock on his door. Mulder stood up to answer it. It was Scully, smiling at him as she carried two cups of coffee in her hands. “Hey,” she greeted him with he usual bright smile that Mulder always found entrancing.
“Hey,” he replied with his usual casual grin. No matter how much he likes Scully, he just didn’t want her to know, in case she rejected him.
So with a half hearted grin, Mulder held the door open for her. “Come on in,” he told her, and she did. “What’s up?” he asked. Scully raised an eyebrow. “I bought you some coffee as I know you never have anything in your fridge,” she told him as she held out Mulder’s Starbucks coffee cup.
Mulder grinned sheepishly and thanked her in appreciation as he took the cup. “Mulder, have you slept?” Scully asked. Just as Mulder was about to reply, the burnt Files on Mulder’s coffee table caught Scully’s eye and she shook her head. “You’ve been up all night going through those Files haven’t you Mulder?” she asked him in a stern tone. Mulder sighed and rubbed his neck uncomfortably, feeling guilty as he admitted, “yes I did,” to which Scully sighed. “You have to be careful Mulder,” she warned him.
“We’ve don’t want Skinner guessing what you’ve been doing from your appearance,” she added. . Mulder nodded as he sipped his coffee.
“You mean my nightly activities?” He asked with a wry grin. Scully rolled her eyes. “You know what I mean. We don’t them to know you’re putting the X X Files back together,” she said.
“Point taken,” Mulder told her and Scully nodded before sitting down on his sofa. “Go on then Mulder. You tidy yourself up so they don’t suspect you from doing this all night and I’ll tidy these files in the box for you,” she said. Mulder nodded. “Sounds like a plan,” he said and went to the bathroom to get ready.

Chapter five Contacting Fowley

An hour later Mulder and Scully walked into the FBI bullpen, ready to start their background checks assignments. Mulder hated doing this type of work as he found it tedious and boring. Scully felt the same too as they both rolled their eyes at each other before finding empty desks to work on.
Luckily Scully sat at a desk in front of Mulder so she couldn’t see what he was doing. Quickly Mulder typed in the Fowley familys’ details into the search engine and up came Fowley’s details.
Mulder scribbled down her brother’s number and made plans to call him that lunch time.
Mulder didn’t know what to make of Diana’s brother just yet. They had never met before the hospital. Mulder could see that he was tall and a no nonsense kind of guy. He had the same kind of attitude like Scully- straight to the point and matter of fact. Subtly wasn’t the man’s strong point, Mulder thought as he made a start on the morning’s background checks.
He hoped Diana’s brother would be more relaxed and less tense when he called him from work that afternoon.

Chapter 6 alls well

Mulder smiled to himself as he entered his apartment after a long day at work. He had called Diana’s brother again who told him Diana was going to be fine. Mulder was jumping for joy when he told him. Even Scully was pleased to hear the good news. Mulder flicked on the light and placed two more boxes of burnt files on his coffee table, ready to start his task again, but with a happy mood this time.
His reaction to Fowley’s recovery made him think about how he felt for Scully. Did he love Fowley? Or Scully for comforting him during this difficult time? Mulder wasn’t sure, he would have to sort his feelings out…

To be continued


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