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X Files: Back in Time


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The X-Files

The X-Files

Rated G

 Published on
March 14, 2019

 Word Count

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9 minutes

A mysterious time traveller stops by the X Files office and offers Agents Doggett and Reyes his services – but it comes at a price… Disclaimer: I do not own X Files or it’s characters Agent Doggett, Agent Reyes, Agent Scully or CSM. Neither do I own the item Time Drive. The show and its characters belong to Chris Carter and 20th Century Fox. No copyright infringement intended.

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X Files: Back in Time
By Spookygirl1

Chapter one the time traveller

FBI Headquarters
Washington DC
J Edgar Hoover Building
X Files Unit
Wednesday, 1pm

“So in a nutshell, you are willing to offer Agent Reyes and I whatever we want from the past at a price?” a skeptical Agent Doggett asked his visitor late that Wednesday afternoon.
Agent Doggett couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He snuck a look at Reyes, only to see her staring intently at the man and seemed to be hanging on his every word. The man nodded. “That’s how Billy Granger rolls,” he said as he pointed to himself with a confident smile. “Say what you’re proposing works. What would we have to pay for your services Mr Granger?” Agent Reyes asked as Agent Doggett rolled his eyes in disbelief.
“An item that is found in a red bag on a s crashed UO,” Billy replied as he gestured to Agent Doggett who guffawed incredulously. “You have got to be kidding,” Agent Doggett told him, shaking his head. “Well, I say we give him a chance to prove it,” Reyes said. Doggett shrugged, “whatever,” he replied. “So what would you like from the past?” Billy asked them.
Reyes wanted the chance to tell her mom she loved her as her mom recently passed away from cancer. Doggett wanted to say goodbye to his son.
After each request was made Billy got hold of what looked like a gold watch. He took it off his wrist and turned it on, revealing a projected light shape of Agent Doggett’s son Luke. Both Doggett and Reyes looked at the image in amazement. Doggett didn’t know whether to feel happy or angry at this disrespectful image of his son.
“Luke,” he whispered. “Daddy,” Luke replied. “I love you Daddy,” he told him. “I love you too son,” Doggett told him. Doggett reached a hand out to the image but Billy stopped the projection.
“No touching,” he told an emotional Doggett. Billy then did the same thing with Agent Reyes’ mom which left Agent Reyes almost crying.
“How was any of that possible?” Agent Doggett wanted to know. “I want to know that too,” Billy said.

Chapter two time travel

“So basically I just go forward in time with my car and take back what I salvage. I figure I could sell what I’ve bought back. Some of the stuff I know how to use but can’t explain how it works.
What you just saw was taken from the past and the future and put together as one,” Billy tried to explain. “I get all kinds of gadgets. Like this one for example,” Billy added as he took out a metal container that was in his bag.
Doggett recognised it. He had seen it before. It was the Time Drive! So that’s how he found it, from Billy.
“I need you to use this,” Billy continued. “It’s also a small metal detector. Next week you and Agent Reyes will find a crashed UO. Use this to salvage the black box and a impenetrable red bag, then give both items to me,” Billy told them. “Why don’t you salvage the items yourself?” Reyes wanted to know.
Billy narrowed his eyes at her. “I don’t have government clearance to the UO,” he said simply before handing Doggett his contact card. “Contact me as soon as you can when you get it,” he told them before getting up and saying goodbye. Reyes and Doggett looked at each other. “Did you see how he looked at me?” Reyes asked as soon as Billy left. “He doesn’t trust me does he?” She said, as Doggett looked at her uncomfortably. “Do you trust me John?” she asked. Thankfully the phone rang at that moment and Doggett answered it hurriedly. “Yes sir. A what? Are you sure? We’re on our way,” Doggett said before hanging up. “What is it?” Reyes asked as Doggett got up and put on his jacket. “The crashed UO. It crashed early,” he told her before she followed him out of the X Files office.

Chapter two sifting through the wreckage

The next morning somewhere in the Arizona desert Agents Doggett and Reyes found themselves walking through the wreckage of a craft, just as Billy had said they would. Now they had to find the items he needed. There was just one problem- by the time the agents got there the black box was already located and sent for analysis at the base. Reyes had attended the meeting and took notes while Doggett searched the craft for the red bag.
Now they met to swap notes before continuing with the search. “So how did the crash happen?” Doggett asked his partner. “An airplane collide with this UO which couldn’t be detected on radar until it was too late,” Reyes told him. “So far no passengers were found in the craft. But the black box said there were one pilot who was the sole passenger. They think it’s that body there,” Reyes nodded to an agent who was pulling out a burnt unrecognisable small body. “We’ll have to get Agent Scully to do the autopsy,” Doggett said and Reyes nodded. Then she spotted it.
“John, its here,” she said as she pointed discreetly to a red bag that was poking out from under a seat. Doggett looked to make sure no one was looking before quickly picking it up and putting it in his bag. He then gestured to Reyes who followed him and the two made their way a new to their motel rooms before making arrangements to fly back home.

Chapter three analysis

The next morning Doggett watched Scully perform the autopsy. Reyes was waiting in the X Files office for Billy so she could hand him the bag. Thankfully they were able to bring the bag home as it went through security just fine.
A few minutes later Agent Scully took off her goggles and looked at Doggett. “What is it Dana?” He asked. Scully sighed. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” she told him. “I’ll need the test results to come back tomorrow to be sure, but what we have here is not exactly human but not quite alien either. It could be an orang-utan,” she concluded. “That’s it?” Doggett asked with a raised eyebrow. “An orang-than crashed a UO?” He asked. “Like I said, I need the test results to determine what this is,” she told him.
Then Doggett’s phone rang. “Hey,” he answered before nodding. “Ok thank you Agent Reyes. I’m on my way down,” he said before hanging up. “That was Monica. Billy’s here for the items so I guess I better go. Thanks for doing this Agent Scully, I appreciate it,” he told her.
Scully nodded as she took off her latex gloves. “No problem Agent Doggett. Anytime,” she said before they both smiled at each other and Doggett left the room.

Chapter 4 Billy

“You couldn’t retrieve the black box?” Billy was asking Agent Reyes as Agent Doggett entered the X Files office later that day. “No we couldn’t, sorry Billy. But we did get it analysed and here’s the report for it,” Reyes said as she handed Billy a file folder. “And we did get the red bag,” she added before handing the bag over to him as well.
“Well I suppose it’s better than nothing,” Billy mused. “We did what we could,” Doggett said, standing up for Agent Reyes and staring Billy down.
“Well agents, thank you and it was a pleasure doing business with you,” Billy told them hurriedly as he put on his hate and jacket. “I’m off now, but I’ll be in touch,” he added, before tilting his hat courteously at Agent Reyes and leaving the office with his items.
“So that’s that,” Reyes said to Doggett who nodded. “How is Agent Scully? What did she say about the body?” she asked Doggett. Doggett told her about Scully’s findings so far and Reyes reacted the same way he did.
“Well I can’t wait till the test results come back later,” she mused. Doggett nodded again. “Same here. There’s got to be something,” Doggett said as he sat down at Mulder’s desk.

Chapter five: Scully’s findings

Agent Doggett hurried into the autopsy room later that day and greeted Agent Scully breathlessly who was standing next to the body from the UO crash.
“Well?” Doggett asked her. “What’s the verdict Agent Scully?” he asked his former partner on the X Files. Scully cleared her throat. She looked uncomfortable, as though she didn’t want to disappoint Agent Doggett. “The test results didn’t come back. I sent them off but they’re not coming back and the scientists aren’t returning my calls,” she told him.
Doggett was fuming. “What? How dare they leave us out of our own investigation?” he asked incredulously.
“Calm dorm Agent Doggett,” Scully said. “I do think that nonetheless, this may be extraterrestrial in origin,” she told him slowly. Doggett looked at her in surprise. “Its an alien?” he asked. Scully held up her hand. “Not exactly. There are some human tissue but apart from that I can’t identify the rest of the skin. I’m keeping the tissue as that’s the only material I could keep,” she told him. Doggett nodded as Scully handed him a file. “Here’s the autopsy results, of what little I could make of it,” she added.
“Right, thank you Dana. I’ll file it in the office,” Doggett told her as he took the file, smiled at her and then left the room.

Chapter 6: Reporting the findings

FBI Headquarters
J Edgar Hoover Building
Washington DC
AD Executive level, 6th floor
Thursday 10pm

“Tissue is of human nature,” CSM read aloud later that evening. He sat in the semi darkness of an office on the executive level of the FBI with Agent Reyes sitting opposite him. “I managed to stop the rest of the samples from being sent back to Agent Scully and Agent Doggett. All they have is the tissue sample to go on,” Reyes told him.
CSM nodded in satisfaction before passing the file folder back to Agent Reyes. “Good work Agent Reyes. We’ll keep the samples with the rest of the evidence in the pentagon,” he told her.
“The black box too?” Reyes asked. “And that. What did you give this time traveller in your black box report?” CSM asked her. “What he wanted to hear,” Reyes replied a little smugly as CSM smiled back at her before having a puff of his cigarette. “That’ll be all, Agent Reyes. I look forward to meeting you next time,” CSM told her. Reyes nodded before getting up. “Sir,” she said in passing before leaving the office.

The End

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