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Doggett's warning


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The X-Files

The X-Files

Rated G

 Published on
February 7, 2019

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10 minutes

Agent Doggett's future self arrives in the X Files office one day and warns him not to let Agent Scully get entangled too much with Agent Reyes. Takes place between Vienen and Alone, season eight. Disclaimer: I do not own the TV show The X Files, nor do I own Its characters Agents Doggett, Scully, Reyes, CSM or Fox Mulder. The show and Its characters belong to Chris Carter and 20th Century Fox.

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Doggett's warning
By Spookygirl1

Chapter one Doggett's visitation

FBI Headquarters
Washington DC
J Edgar Hoover Building
X Files Unit
Monday 9pm

Agent Doggett stifled a yawn as he walked back to the X Files office late that evening. It had been a long day doing background checks, and with Agent Scully away on maternity leave made the work seem to be a bit more and take longer to do.
He had just got himself a last cup of coffee and planned to drink It in the office before going home.
When he opened the door to the office he got a surprise. Doggett rubbed his eyes, thinking he was seeing things. But no, it was real.
Either that or he was dreaming, for sitting at the desk in the office was none other than himself. Doggett pinched himself but that had no effect. The strange figure was still sitting at his desk.
Doggett dropped his coffee on the floor and drew out his gun. "Who are you?" he demanded. The figure grinned and stayed calm. "Agent Doggett- John, don’t be alarmed.
I'm you," the figure said. "Yes I can see that. How is this happening? What do you want?" Doggett asked. "Just put your gun down and I'll explain everything," the other Doggett told him calmly.
With a sigh, Doggett lowered his gun and sank Into a chair. As he did so he studied his other self. His other self seemed to be a couple more years older and he had a stubble and was wearing a scruffy suit.
"I can't see you, so I'm going to keep this brief. Knowing me you would have a gun pointed at me so I know to make you sit down and listen. In the next two years, you and Agent Scully find what is called a Time Projector. This projector can project people at any point in time. I have chosen to warn you," the figure said. "Warn me about what?" Doggett asked. "I'm warning you about your partner Agent Reyes. Please, don’t let Agent Scully get too close to her, and above all, do not trust her, as she will sell you out. You may not believe it Agent Doggett, as I know me, becausee I am you… well, you know what I mean.
Just please take heed of my warning. And tell no one about the Time Drive. You find it in the future, and keep it away from Agent Reyes too. Message ends," the figure said before disappearing.
Doggett just stared and said nothing for a whole minute. What the Hell was that? Was he hallucinating? Reyes was reliable wasn’t she? But come to think of it, she had been working at odd hours lately.
Doggett shook his head. Maybe he just needed a good night's sleep. With a yawn he put on his jacket, and closed the door after leaving the office.

Chapter two Confiding in Scully…

Scully's apartment
Georgetown Virginia
Tuesday 9am

The next day Agent Doggett decided to pay a quick visit to Agent Scully and tell her about Agent Reyes. In the end he decided to believe what he had seen- he couldn’t make something like that Up, especially a warning message given to him by himself.
With a sigh he knocked on Agent Scully's door. She opened it and smiled at him in surprise. "Agent Doggett, this Is a surprise. Is everything okay?" Scully asked. Doggett smiled and nodded. "Everything's find Agent Scully. I just dropped by to see how you were," Doggett began. Scully nodded. "I'm fine thanks Agent Doggett. What's wrong? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost," she said in concern. "Can we speak inside? I need to tell you something," Doggett told her. "Sure. Come in," Scully said as she held the door open for him and closed It once he stepped inside.
"How close are you to Agent Reyes?" Doggett blurted out. Scully raised an eyebrow and thought for a moment.
"Not that close. I know her a bit but not as well as I know you and Agent Mulder," Scully said. "Why do you ask Agent Doggett?" Scully asked.
"I got a message. Please Agent Scully, do not trust her. She's been doing odd hours at work and I have a strong suspicion that she's working with someone against us and the X Files," Doggett told her.
"What are you basing those suspicions on, Agent Doggett?" Scully asked. Doggett paused for a moment, trying to think of a way to explain his findings without Agent Scully thinking he was crazy. Finally he said, "I just got a message from a friend. We can trust him," he told her simply.
Scully sighed. "Okay Agent Doggett. I'll keep my distance. What are you going to do about her?" she asked. "I'm going to follow her," Doggett said In determination. "You're going to stalk her?" Scully asked in alarm. "Agent Doggett if that’s your next action then I suggest you be extra careful about it," Scully said. Doggett nodded. "Don’t worry Agent Scully. I'll be careful and I'll let you know what I find," he told her as she opened the door to let him out. "Good luck Agent Doggett, take care," she told him.
"You too Agent Scully," Doggett said in relief as he left her place.
On the way back to his car Doggett tried calling Reyes at the X Files office. There was no answer. He also tried calling her cell but it went straight to voicemail too.
Doggett decided to head to the office and spend the rest of the day there before following Monica home. That was the plan.

Chapter three Following Reyes…

FBI Headquarters
Washington DC
J Edgar Hoover Building
X Files Unit
Tuesday 7pm

Later that evening, Doggett's suspicions grew when Agent Reyes asked him if she could go home early as she had to do some research for a paper she writing for her old university.
Doggett agreed and watched her go. He got up when he heard the elevator doors closed and got out just in time to see the floor number on the side of the elevator. Doggett raised an eyebrow. She was going to floor six. That was two floors above AD Skinner's office. He knew only top agents and even the director himself met on that floor. No FBI agent personnel were allowed up there, including himself and Agent Reyes.
Carefully Doggett waited for the elevator to be free again and when It was he stepped in and made his way to the sixth floor.
Once he got there he stepped off the elevator and managed to sneak past the guard who was dozing by the side of the door. Doggett shook his head before sneaking towards one of the offices that had the lights on.
He made his way to the office's reception desk and hid behind It next to the office door and placed an ear to the door before listening in. He could just about make out an audible conversation that was going on between CSM and Agent Reyes, as well as another agent who Doggett couldn’t make out. Doggett was shocked when he heard what they were talking about…

Chapter three the orders
FBI Headquarters
Washington DC
J Edgar Hoover Building
Sixth Floor

"So we understand the invasion of the Great Takeover be begin in 2025," CSM was saying. Reyes nodded. "Yes sir," Doggett heard her say. "And the aliens will be contacting our base at Area 51. We need to be ready and know when to strike. Agent Reyes, what do the X Files know about this invasion?" CSM asked.
"Only that It will take place In Area 51 and that aliens will be trying to get their technology back from us. They don’t know when or exactly what type of alien it is yet," she told him.
"We need to keep them In the dark. Will you do that Agent Reyes?" CSM asked. "Yes sir," Agent Reyes said again.
"We can't afford to let people know. Especially Fox Mulder. Now that he is unemployed he will be in a good position to spread the word of the invasion to the general public and we don't want our information to get Into the wrong hands do we Agent Reyes?" CSM asked. "No sir, we can't afford that risk," Agent Reyes said.
"I need you to report back of any developments in the X Files office concerning the invasion Agent Reyes. You are to report back each week about the activities in the X Files office and keep us updated on Mulder's whereabouts. Follow him, stalk him, I don’t care. Just report to us what you find," CSM told her. "Yes sir, I will sir," Reyes replied. "Good. I look forward to your first report next week," CSM said. There was a pause before the door knob jiggled open and Doggett sprang under the desk. Luckily Agent Reyes didn’t see him as she just walked out without looking back.
She then made her way down by the elevator and once again Doggett sneaked by the dozing guard and went to the second floor, intending to get a cup of coffee from the machine so he could tell Reyes why he wasn’t in the office when she got back.
Doggett sighed as he got his coffee and made his way to the X Files office. There was no doubt about it- he would have to tell Agent Scully and Mulder about what he just heard…

Chapter four Telling Mulder

Alexandria Virginia,
Apartment 42
Tuesday 10pm

Later that evening Agent Doggett knocked on Mulder's apartment door.
Mulder opened it a moment later, looking tired with what looked like a two day stubble on his chin. "Mulder, you okay?" Doggett asked. Mulder shrugged. "Yeah. Just having a bit of trouble filling in the hours now that I'm not working," Mulder told him. "What brings you here Agent Doggett?" he asked.
Doggett stepped into Mulder's apartment before telling him everything, including the visitation by his future self. Mulder grinned when Doggett finished the story. "So the great sceptical Agent Doggett is a time traveller now," Mulder said with a raised eyebrow.
"Yeah, apparently we find the Time Projection within the wreckage of a UFO, so keep your eyes peeled," Doggett told him, joking a little as he still wasn’t a hundred percent sure about what was going on.
"So what do you propose we do about Agent Reyes?" Mulder wanted to know. Doggett thought for a moment. "Don’t do or say anything to her yet. I suggest we find out more on the sly first before we can decide about what action to take. Just don’t confide in her okay?" Doggett asked. "Right, I'll keep It under my hat.
So what do you think about time travel now Agent Doggett?" Mulder asked. Doggett sighed and shook his head. "I still don't know. Maybe I was dreaming, or just saw a vision," he mused. Mulder sighed.
"You sound just like Agent Scully," he told him. "So do we tell Agent Scully?" Doggett asked. Mulder nodded. "But let me tell her. She will keep It to herself I'm sure," Mulder said. "Okay. Just tell her what I told you. Well I best be off. Good night Mulder. I'll see you soon," Doggett told him. "Night Agent Doggett. See you," Mulder replied before showing Doggett out of the apartment. Now all he had to do was tell Scully and hope against hope that she would believe him…

To be continued…

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