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Mulder Remembers...


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The X-Files

The X-Files

Rated G

 Published on
January 31, 2019

 Word Count

 Read Time
8 minutes

Agent Fox Mulder begins to remember another part of his abduction… Takes place during season eight. Disclaimer: I do not own the the TV show The X Files, nor do I own its characters Agents Scully and Mulder. The characters and the show belongs to Chris Carter and 20th Century Fox. No copyright infringement intended.

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Mulder Remembers...
By Spookygirl1

Chapter One the dreams
Alexandria Virginia
Apartment 42
Tuesday 1am

Mulder tried to scream but couldn’t, for some reason he couldn’t move any part of his body. He found himself in a bright white empty room that only had an examination table in the middle. Mulder gulped when he saw this table- he had a foreboding feeling that it was for the aliens who were going to examine him later.
He spotted a window in the room and checked the coast was clear. It was. He managed to move again and so he crept his way towards the window… and looked out.

FBI Headquarters
J Edgar Hoover Building
Washington DC
X Files Unit
Wednesday 9am

“You looked out? What did you see?” Agent Scully asked him the following morning. Mulder tried to think before sighing in frustration. “I can’t remember Scully, not right now. Maybe I’ll dream about it again tonight,” he told her.
“Well you look terrible, like you haven’t had a decent night sleep in a week,” Scully observed. “Thanks Scully. But you’re right, these dreams of mine started last week,” Mulder said. “Hopefully they’ll go away soon once they’ve helped you remember your abduction,” Scully mused. Just then there was a knock on the door. “Door’s open!” Mulder called.
The door opened to reveal a tall, dark haired man in a suit. “Agent Mulder? Agent Scully? You are the people to talk to about aliens I believe?” the man asked in a deep voice. “That’s us,” Mulder replied as he stood up to greet the man. The two men then shook hands before he shook hands with Scully. “Please, have a seat,” Mulder told him, and the man sat next to Scully. “I think I’ve seen you before Agent Mulder,” the man said. “I have one of those faces,” Mulder replied.
“So, um how can we help you Mr…?” Mulder asked. “Mr Grant Hogan. But call me Grant,” the man said. “I’m here as I have something to tell you. I can’t tell anyone else as they won’t believe me, and if I don’t tell anyone I’ll go crazy,” Mr Hogan explained. Scully just listened with a skeptic all look at Mulder.
“So what would you like to talk to us about Mr Hogan?” Mulder asked getting ready to write it all down in a report.
“My abduction. I was abutted last May,” Mr Hogan began to explain.
“I didn’t remember much about it at first, but just recently I’ve been having dreams that tell me what happened,” he told Mulder and Scully. “Sounds familiar. Do go on,” Mulder told him.
Mr Hogan sighed. “I think I dreamt of being in a bright white empty room with only an examination table in the middle.
I then looked out the windows and saw galaxies and stars and planets, all of which the likes you have never seen! I then blacked out again and when I awoke I found myself on Martian land. It turned out I was on Mars, and the aliens had helped transport us humans there in preparation for the end of the Earth, in return they can experiment on us to create a super breed of aliens,” Mr Hogan told them.
Scully raised an eyebrow. “That was what you’ve been dreaming about? You don’t happen to have any implants at all do you Sir?” Scully asked. Mr Hogan nodded. “In the back of my neck,” Mr Hogan told her as he subconscious moved his hand to the spot on the back of his neck where the aliens planted the implant.
Now Mulder raised an eyebrow at Scully. “I advise you Mr Hogan not to take out the implant, or you’ll feel really ill,” Scully warned him, a little emotionally as she remembered her battle with cancer.
Mr Hogan smiled at her. “Really? Well don’t worry Agent Scully, I have no intention of removing it,” he assured her.
“Would you like us to record your dream in an X File Mr Hogan?” Mulder asked. Mr Hogan nodded. “That’ll be fine. I’ll come back with x rays of where my implant was put in at a later date so you can use that as evidence,” Mr Hogan told them.
“Of course. Thank you for your visit Mr Hogan. We’ll get that down on a report straight away,” Mulder told him.
Once again they shook hands and so did Scully before Mr Hogan left the office.

Chapter two dreaming

Alexandria Virginia
Apartment 42
Wednesday 11pm

Mulder settled on his couch and prepared himself for another nights sleep. He hoped the dreams would come back again in more detail so he could type it upon a report the next day. With a yawn, Mulder watched the rest of his Twilight Zone episode before falling asleep.
It didn’t take him long to dream about his abduction again. This time he realised the white room he was in was onboard a spaceship. He remembered going to the window so he did so again.
The man in the office was right. What he saw outside took his breath away. He saw space, the nearest galaxy Andromeda, comets, asteroids, and spaceships. Actual spaceships circling around Neptune’s orbit. Mulder knew it was Neptune as there was a very helpful sign written in the stars that spelt out Neptune. Mulder knew he was a long way from home.
Then the door behind him buzzed open and Mulder turned to see two tall white men with long fingers entered the room.
Without saying a word, they got Mulder to his feet and lead him to the examination table. “Hey, wait! I didn’t sign up for this!” Mulder protested. But his protests fell on deaf ears as the white men continued onward, leading a now kicking and screaming Mulder to the table.
Once he was put on the table, Mulder was strapped down and given an injection in his arm. Before Mulder could fight back, he felt his eyelids get droopy and then everything went black.

Chapter three the account

FBI Headquarters
Washington, DC
J Edgar Hoover Building
X Files Unit
Thursday 1pm

“And everything went black just before you woke up,” Scully concluded the next day. Mulder had spent the morning typing up his dream while Scully was at home taking it easy as she was due to start her maternity leave soon. She had just come into the office after lunch and now she was reading Mulder’s typed up account of his dream. “It’s similar to your abduction Scully, don’t you think?” Mulder asked her.
Scully gave the report back to him before sitting down and running her pregnant belly. “Yes, which may mean the same men are abducting people for tests,” Scully admitted. “We just have to find out what tests exactly,” Mulder said.
“How are you going to do that?” Scully asked. “By interviewing that man again. He may know and remember somethings,” Mulder told her.
Thankfully for Mulder, Mr Hogan came by again just before 5pm with the X Rays that he promised them. Scully raised an eyebrow as she examined them.
Just as Mr Hogan said, there was an implant in the back of his neck. She had to agree with him that they had both been treated the same way by some mysterious men. But not Mulder’s account of the white men.
Scully passed the X Ray to a curious Mulder who studied it eagerly. This could be it, Mulder thought. Proof. He looked up at Scully and to his disappointment she was frowning. He could tell that she didn’t share his excitement.
With a sigh Mulder reluctantly gave the X-Ray back to Mr Hogan. “So? What do you think?” Mr Hogan asked as he placed his X-Ray back in its envelope.
Scully cleared her throat. “Well Mr Hogan we thank you for coming in and showing us what you have, but it still isn’t proof of direct extraterrestrial contact.
I know my abduction was carried out by a group of scientists and I think you were too,” she told him.
“So no aliens then? But I remember the men in white,” Mr Hogan protested. Mulder nodded. “I do too Mr Hogan, but Agent Scully’s a scientist and she needs proof of alien activity,” Mulder said to him gently.
Mr Hogan nodded and sighed. “I understand your skepticism and the need for proof. Just know Agent Mulder, that my dream supports yours,” Mr Hogan said as he stood up. He then shook Agent Scully’s and Agent Mulder’s hands before saying goodbye and leaving the office.
As soon as he left and closed the door behind him, he bumped into two men wearing black suits. “Mr Hogan?” one of them asked. “Yes,” Mr Hogan replied.
“We need to take you with us to our quarters. Just to ask you a few questions of your abduction experience. Come with us,” the second man replied. Before Mr Hogan could protest, the two men grabbed his arms and lead him roughly out of the building.
Mulder heard scuffling and raced to the door just in time to see the men in black forcing Mr Hogan away. “Hey where are you taking him?” Mulder called out angrily. But before he could chase them, the elevator doors closed behind them and Mr Hogan gave him a pleasing look before the doors closed.
“What is it Mulder?” Scully asked as she came up behind him. Mulder sighed.
“They took him,” he told her. “Whom?” Scully asked in concern. “MIB. Take care when you go home tonight Scully. And days after that. Who knows, the MIB might come after us one day,” Mulder told her as he made his way back to his desk. “And on that day, Satan will be skating to work,” Scully quipped as she followed her partner back in the office.

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