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Bill's story


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The X-Files

The X-Files

Rated G

 Published on
January 11, 2019

 Word Count

 Read Time
14 minutes

Sequel to Scully's Return fanfic, set after One Breath, season two. A more detailed look into the character of Bill Scully. Bill Scully, Agent Scully, Agent Mulder and Margaret Scully all belong to Chris Carter and 20th Century Fox as does the X Files. No copyright infringement intended.

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Bill's story
By Spookygirl1

Unknown location
Wednesday 8pm

Bill Scully shook his head as he drove back from visiting Scully in the hospital. The less he saw of her so called partner, Fox Mulder, the better, he decided. He took one look at the guy and he knew they were having a personality clash the instant they met. The big problem was they were fighting over Scully. Bill didn’t want to fight, he felt too mature to do so. But he had to have Scully’s best interest at heart, and he would try to do that as much as he could, except when it came to Agent Mulder.
With a sigh, Bill decided to see what his Mom thought of Mulder. Bill reached his Mom’s home and pulled up in the driveway. Then he got out and locked his car before walking up the front path and then unlocking the door with the spare key his Mom had given him.
“Mom,” he called out as he wiped his feet on the welcome mat in the doorway and closed the door behind him. “I’m home,” he said as he took off his coat. “In here!” Margaret Scully replied, and Bill found her curled up on the sofa in her living room with a cup of tea and TV on showing the news.
She looked up and smiled at him as he entered the room and they shared a brief hug before Bill yawned and sat down next to her.
“Good to see you back, love,” Margaret told her son with a proud smile. “Good to see you too, Mom,” Bill told her with a grin. “So, did you see Dana okay?” Margaret asked him. Bill nodded. “I told her I’d be there with you when she gets out of the hospital. I also ran into that guy she works with- Agent uh..,” his voice trailed off as he tried to think of his name.
Margaret sighed. Oh dear, she thought, this wasn’t going well. “Mulder,” Margaret finished for him. “Yes that’s it. Mulder. What’s his story, Mom? Do you trust him to look out for Dana? Personally I think he doesn’t care about her as he’s too busy with his head in the clouds chasing little green men,” Bill said in disdain with heavy sarcasm to his tone of voice.
“Calm down Bill,” Margaret told him sternly. “He’s been good to Dana. Really. Whenever I call to check on her, Dana never stops talking about him. Try to get along with him please, Bill. If you talked to Dana as much as I have, you’ll know how close they are,” Margaret told him. Bill glared at her. “Are you suggesting that I care more about the Navy than I do about Dana?” he demanded, suddenly angry. Margaret but her lip. “No Bill, I didn’t mean it like that,” she protested. But Bill held up his hand. “No Mom, you’ve said enough. Clearly I don’t want to spend as much time with Dana as you do. Well it’s been a long day, Mom, I’m going to get ready for bed,” Bill told her. But as he got up, Margaret grabbed his arm gently. “No Bill. Don’t let the sun go down on a argument,” Margaret reminded him. Bill sighed and looked at his Mom. “I’m just saying, try to get to know Mulder better. Please? If not for me then for Dana’s sake,” she asked. They stared at each other for a moment before Bill relented and nodded. He kissed Margaret on the cheek. “I will do my best, Mom,” he told her, before she smiled gratefully at him. “Thank you my son,” she said as she stood up and they shared a hug.
“Good night Mom,” Bill told her gently. “Good night, Bill,” Margaret replied, and Bill smiled at her before retiring to bed.

Chapter two all for Dana

Washington Memorial Hospital,
Washington DC,
Thursday, 9:30pm

Bill paced around Scully’s hospital room the next day. He was waiting for his Mom to come back with the doctor so they could take Scully home from the hospital. Scully was still asleep when he came to visit her at 9pm with Margaret, and now Scully was awake. It was now 9:30pm and Bill was wondering what was taking his Mom so long.
Just as he turned to smile at Scully, he looked over her at the hospital window and couldn’t help but groan when he saw who was there.
His reaction caught Scully’s attention. “Bill? What’s wrong?” Scully asked. She then looked to where Bill was looking and saw her partner, Special Agent Fox Mulder, and they both smiled at each other. Then Scully turned to Bill and grasped his hand as she sat up in bed.
“Let him in, Bill, please?” she asked him. “You may not see it but he cares for me just as much as you do,” she said, trying to reason with her brother. “I don’t know Dana,” Bill said awkwardly. “I just think he should leave the work away from you and just let you relax and be with your family on this occasion,” he told her truthfully.
“It’s okay Bill, thank you for caring. But I do need to see him. Please, let Mulder in,” Scully asked. Brother and sister looked at each other for a moment before Bill sighed. “All right,” he relented, “I’ll go and get him,” to which earns him a smile from Scully. “Thanks Bill,” she said before Bill smiled at her and left the room to fetch Mulder.
As soon as he saw Mulder again he scowled at him. “Mulder,” he greeted him. “She wants to see you,” he told Mulder. Mulder nodded and began to walk into the room when Bill stood in his way. “But I don’t think you should,” Bill added sternly. Mulder sighed. “We all know what you think of me, and you’re outnumbered,” Mulder told him. “Scully likes me, Mrs Scully likes me, everyone except you. So why don’t you just grow up Bill, huh?” Mulder challenged him as the two men glared at each other eye to eye.
“Why don’t you grow up,” Bill countered. “A grown man of your education still chasing aliens? Why don’t you grow up and get a date huh?” Bill asked. Mulder stared back at him angrily. “I care about no one except Scully,” he said in a dangerously low voice. “We’ll soon see about that,” Bill replied when both men turned as they heard footsteps coming down the hallway.
“Bill! Mulder! Glad you could make it,” Margaret Scully exclaimed as she walked down the hall with the Doctor by her side. “Mom? What took you so long? Is everything okay?” Bill asked in concern. Margaret just smiled back at him as they stopped by Agent Scully’s door to talk. “Good news,” Margaret said beaming a bright smile at them. “Dana’s all checked out and ready to go. It took so long as I had paperwork to sign, but it’s all done now and she’s ready to go home,” she told them, much to Bill and Mulder’s relief.
“Isn’t that right Dr Morgan?” Margaret asked the doctor standing next to her. “Exactly right. We are very pleased with Ms Scully’s progress and she is on the mend. A couple more days bed rest at home will do the trick, after that she’ll be as right as rain and ready for work again. You may take her home now. Just let the nurses know if you need a hand with her luggage or anything else,” Dr Morgan said as he smiled at them with friendly brown eyes.
Bill sighed in relief. “Thank you Doctor,” he replied, and both men shook hands with the Doctor before the doctor left. “Right, lets go tell Dana the good news,” Margaret said as she lead the two men into Scully’s room.
Mulder and Bill still stared at each other angrily as Bill made sure he was the first to step in the room.

Chapter 3 Dana worries

Agent Scully but her lip as she looked at her brother fetching Mulder for her. She looked at the two men standing outside outside her room and they appeared to be squaring up to each other and having a tense discussion. Scully shook her head. She knew Bill meant well, but it’s times like this when she really needed Mulder by her side.
Mulder appeared to be frowning, and Scully had half the mind to pick up her cell and call Bill in order to end the argument between them. They were acting like boys fighting over her Scully thought with a groan. She anxiously hoped that Bill would let Mulder in, or she wouldn’t talk to him if he refused Mulder. Plus her Mom was taking a long time with the doctor- where was she? Scully wondered.
She rubbed her tired eyes. All this worry and stress wasn’t good for her discharge from hospital. She was supposed to be comforted and reassured, but as she looked towards Mulder and Bill again she felt there was no one there to console her.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Scully saw a familiar face appear in the hallway and she was delighted to see her Mom and her doctor, Doctor Morgan standing outside her room and talking to an anxious Bill Scully and Mulder. Their worried looks made Scully tense up a little more, but she relaxed when she saw the smile on her Mom’s face.
Then a moment later they all entered Scully’s room with big relieved smiles on their faces as they looked kindly at her. Scully smiled and braced herself for the news.

Chapter 4 The news

Once inside, Margaret gave Scully a kiss on the forehead and sat on the edge of her bed as they held hands. Scully held Mulder’s hand with her free hand and they both smiled at each other.
“What’s happening Mom?” Scully asked. Margaret smiled as she told Scully the good news. Scully smiled in relief. “Oh my God, thank you Mom, Mulder, Bill. I couldn’t have done this without you guys,” she told them.
“Like I said before, me and Mom are always on your side, Dana,” Bill told her, making sure he left Mulder out. Mulder turned to glare at him behind Margaret’s back who added, “Mulder is too, aren’t you Mulder?” she asked Scully’s partner. “Of course. I’m always here for you Scully,” he told her as they shook hands on their secret handshake. Margret smiled at them before she showed the doctor out. She then grabbed Scully’s suitcase from the closet and began to pack Scully’s clothes. Bill helped her as Mulder and Scully shared a moment together.
“So hows the X Files going now that you’ve named Blevins?” Scully wanted to know. Mulder shrugged. “Quiet. Waiting for you to come back Scully,” Mulder told her with a smile. Scully smiled back. “I’ll be there as soon as I can,” she told him. “Not after a couple of days’ bed rest you won’t, Dana,” her mother told her as she continued to pack Scully’s things. Scully and Mulder just grinned at each other. “Rest up, Scully,” Mulder told his partner before giving her a quick kiss on the forehead.
“I’m off to catch the midnight movie,” he quipped. Scully raised an eyebrow. “What, topless boxing?” she asked him. Mulder feigned mock protest. “Scully whatever gave you that idea?” He protested, as Scully just stared him down with a smirk. Finally Mulder gave in and shrugged. “All right. Bikini wearing vampires,” he admitted before grinning once more at Scully. “I’ve come to suck your blood. Watch out Scully,” he warned her jokingly and said bye to Mrs Scully and Bill before leaving the room and making his way to the parking lot.
“Finally,” Bill said in relief. “I thought he was never gonna leave,” he added. Margaret hit him playfully in the arm. “Ouch,” Bill complained.
“Don’t be mean to Mulder. At least he was here with Dana,” Margaret reminded him. Bill sighed. “I guess,” he said as he helped his mother pack Scull’'s overnight things.

Chapter 5 Home again

Bill sighed as he folded the last of his clothes in his suitcase. He was getting ready to leave his family again for the Navy. He was lucky to get compassionate leave for a few days at most, so he had to go back as soon as he could. He always missed Dana and Margaret whenever he went away.
Leaving was so hard, which maybe the reason why he didn’t visit them much as he couldn’t bear leaving them over and over. He sensed Margaret knew what he was feeling and she felt the same way.
Bill locked his suitcase before making his way downstairs. Scully was lying on the couch and Margaret was sitting there next to her daughter. Both looked up when Bill entered the room. “Hey guys,” he said a little sadly as he forced a smile upon his face so they wouldn’t worry about him. “It’s that time again,” he told them as he showed them the packed suitcase that he was carrying. Margaret sighed as she stood up but she too managed a small smile. “Of course. My navy boy has to go back. I’m so proud of you, Bill. I know your father would be too,” she told him as they shared a hug. “You think so?” Bill asked. “Yes,” Margaret replied before Bill stooped down and gave Scully a kiss on the forehead and then a hug. “Thank you for being there for me, Bill,” Scully told him with a small smile. It was always bittersweet when Bill left for the navy, so they tried to make light of the situation. “Don’t come back too soon, you might bump into Mulder and I again,” Scully tried joking a little. Bill grimaced which made Scully giggle. “I know you two don’t get on so I appreciate you more for sticking around Bill. Thank you,” Scully added. Bill nodded. “Seeing Mulder is the last thing I want to see. You be careful and take care of yourself out there Dana won’t you?” Bill asked. “Promise me you’ll call me when you need me, okay?” He asked his sister and mother. “Of course we will, Bill. Have a safe trip, we’ll write to you,” Scully told her brother.
They smiled at each other one last time before Margaret lead her son to the door and embraced him. “I love you son,” she told him. “Always remember that allright?” she asked.
Bill smiled at her. “I love you too Mom, and I always will,” Bill said. “Say hi to Tana for me,” Margaret told him. “I will. Love you Mom. I’ll see you soon, I promise,” and with that Bill got into his car and drove away.
With a sigh Margaret watched him go before she closed the door behind her and went to see Scully. “Fancy a takeaway Dana? I know I do,” she said and Dana grinned as Margaret failed for a takeout. Things were going to be okay and back to normal again, Scully thought with a sigh as she turned back to the television.

Chapter 6 Mulder’s feelings

At the same time, Mulder bounced his basketball in his apartment as he thought about Scully and what her brother had said to him. Bill was an interesting one; a frenemy if you will to Mulder. Mulder never had a brother, so having Bill around who cared for the same person he did, made things more interesting.
But some of the words Bill had said to him earlier stung him. Especially when Bill told him he should stop chasing aliens and get a girlfriend. Mulder couldn’t and wouldn’t stop the X Files now. He had come too far with Scully.
Scully. Mulder respected and cared for her more than words could ever express. Was that why he never dated? Was he afraid she might feel betrayed by such an action? Why had he never dated? He began to seriously wonder about the answer to that question. Maybe Bill had a point after all. In the end Mulder agreed with Bill. He had to have a break from the X Files. He had to or he’d get deeper into trouble and drag Scully along with him, and Mulder would never forgive himself if she got into serious trouble because of him.
With a sigh, Mulder rummaged around his desk and found what he was looking for: an agency card. The girls he spoke to sounded all right, Mulder thought. Maybe it was time he went out with one of them. Mulder took a deep breath and dialled the agency’s number. He really needed a date.

To be continued…

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