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All in the Family

S06E14  10

    Season 6  Like

 Written by
Jack Orman Writer

 Directed by
Jonathan Kaplan

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 Original Air Date
February 17, 2000

When Carter and Lucy are discovered, the ER staff is trying their best to save them both, but fate will decide otherwise.

 Guest Stars
John Cullum
David Krumholtz
John Doman
Bellina Logan
Dinah Lenney
Conni Marie Brazelton
  Nurse Connie Oligario
John Aylward
Gedde Watanabe
Judy Parfitt
Ellen Crawford
  Nurse Lydia Wright
Liza Weil
Pamela Sinha
Perry Anzilotti

Jack Orman
Jonathan Kaplan

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John Carter: Lucy's dead, isn't she?

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At loss of words

By Jack Anderson  on April 15, 2018

This episode is beyond great. I would say that this is my favourite episode of the entire series so far, simply because the stakes have never been that high before. We have all rooted for Mark Greene when he was attacked, and the story arc was similar. Mark would be attacked at the end of an episode, with much surprise from the audience. And then we would discover him slowly in the beginning of the next episode.
While the format is the same, the stakes are much higher. Because it is live and death. And because it affects not only one of the major characters, but two.

The directing of Jonathan Kaplan is outstanding. Truly magnificent. At times, he takes the time to calm down the action and focus on true emotions. And in some other moments, the pace is extremely fast. As an example, we can see Benton coming down from the OR and running towards Lucy and Carter. This is just brilliantly crafted. It's the ultimate theater-like episode. Artistically, ER was at times really great and beyond a medical soap.

This episode marks the final appearance of Lucy Knight. While I truly hated her character in the season premiere of season 5, looking back, I think that her character was actually great and even more than this. In the end, I think that she arrived in a place where the stories weren't that great.

A masterpiece of writing, acting, music and especially directing from Jonathan Kaplan. I give it 10 out of 10. A masterpiece.

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