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 The X-Files > Season 5

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 Written by
Chris Carter

 Directed by
R.W. Goodwin

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Written by Jack Anderson on 2017-10-01

Written by Caroline R. Poole on 2017-11-20
One of my favourites!

History lesson
Written by DuaneB on 2018-06-18
God!! This trilogy is a perfect one. And it seems that the mythology as never been so important thant here.
We continue where Gathseman finished. All the Mulder off are superb, it gives a rythme, an intensity, a narrative trajectory that pushes even further the reflection of the series, but without losing us.

Michael Kritshgau
This character is for me amblematic of the psychological flaw of Mulder. This guy, who looks like a banal businessman, has managed to overthrow the entire Mulderian ediffice with his enigmatic sentences that support where it hurts. The deception of the alien Youkon is the climax that rings the death knell of the Mulder's certainty on a E.T life ...

Mulder and Kritshgau
But where this episode is really great is that it not only meticulously repeats the thread of the previous, but enriches it with Kritschgau's tirades. This Kritshgau does not just ruin Mulder's beliefs and certainties, but will also provide answers, and even valuable help for Scully and his cancer. Flashes with historical archive images are a perfect example of the Cold War context that is a key to post Roswell mythology in the series. This trilogy, and the scenes of the Pentagon are the starting point of Mulder's skepticism of Patient X and The Red and the Black that some fans did not understand, or rejected.

This breakthrough made by this trilogy shows us the scientific Scully, the one I love most. Then in Redux II the Catholic Scully that I love too. What's even more interesting is to see his reaction to Mulder makes him understand that they may have been fooled from the beginning. His anger and his entry into the lie, for a character as straight and irreproachable, also come to spice up the facets of his psychology. Especially with Skinner in whom she had placed a great confidence painfully acquired (Avatar, Piper maru ...).

It's also in this episode that we hear the Roush society for the first time, thanks to Mulder who killed Scott Osteloff. The paranoia is here the most powerfull aspect this trilogy, pushing every character in there own limits. Redux II will show us that it is true with one my favorites scene between CGB and Mulder. But lets develop it at Redux II.

Of course I give it a 10!

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