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Paper Hearts

S04E10  8.3333

    Season 4  Like

 Written by
Vince Gilligan Writer

 Directed by
Rob Bowman

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 Original Air Date
December 15, 1996

 Guest Stars
Jenny-Lynn Hutcheson
Mitch Pileggi
Carly McKillip
Byrne Piven
Rebecca Toolan
Vanessa Morley
Tom Noonan
Paul Bittante
Sonia Norris
John Dadey

Rob Bowman
Vince Gilligan

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By Jack Anderson  on September 10, 2017


Just a wonderful episode

By Vivi on May 30, 2018

This episode is perfect. I love the music, the story, the directing, the photography, the characters... everything ! For me it represents the series. Just watch and enjoy.

x files heart

By DuaneB on January 4, 2019

After all, and because I think I have been enough the one who cares about underestimated episodes, I would like to come back to this wonderfull episode.

The musician I am is more seduce thant the fan I still am. I mean that the first thing that kept me even for the first time was the music of Snow. This element is the main thing, the heart of the episodes, wich gives the perfect tone, rythme and poetry that belongs of the show from the early pilote episode.

The story is a good idea, even if In a certain way I allways had an impression of fan service about bringing back Samantha. Samantha Mulder had become a mantra-like, the spirit you call to give more concistance to Mulder.

However, the episode is a masterpiece anyway. For two main reasons:
The first one is that it shows Mulder's real psychologic injury. And this is at the same time his power, his vibrant and caracteristic obsession wich is the origine and energy of the show from the very beginning.
The second one is the MSR. There is in this episode a tremendous not shown seduction operating by Mulder on Scully that grows togather with the dramatic circonstances, and that gives a real tension and mesmerizes us throughout the episode. In fact, this tension could define the show itself.

From Roche's point of view, it turns much more interesting, since we have a perfect use of Mulder's injury. John Lee Roche is very carismatic as well, but in th bad sence. His psychological ascendancy on Mulder is perfectly held and reversed at the end, and the so delicious motel scene is the key.

Of course I didn't speak about the poetry references, the perfect tempo the episode shows. Scully, is both a mother, a partner and probably a hidden lover, but this is my UST side who speaks, doesn't it? The reality is that, like most of the episodes of this season, everyone is in its perfect and totaly assumed role. Scully skeptic but never a brake. Skinner with his hierarchical autority togather with a certin admirtion for Mulder's abilities and cleverness. And Mulder the believer but blinded.

Many scenes are pleasant. My favorites are when Mulder cut the bench in the car. Another with the examination in jail with Roche. Love when he asks to Teana if they'd bought any vacuum "Electrovac" Duchesse. The last one is the motel one, when Mulder gets Roche.


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