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Everything Is Bonzer! (2 part episode)

S03E01  6

    Season 3  Like

 Written by
Jen Statsky Writer
Michael Schur Writer

 Directed by
Dean Holland

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 Original Air Date
September 27, 2018

 Guest Stars
Dominic Burgess
Keston John
Lisandra Tena
  Officer Ramos
Taryn Leggett
Andrew Bering
  François Lloyd-Tort
Josh Siegal
Harvey Guillén
Moshe Kasher
Whitmer Thomas
Joe Mande
  Todd Hemple
Johnny McKeown
Teshi Thomas
  Li'l Peanut
Adam Scott
Prudence Vindin
  Nurse Pat
Rebecca Hazlewood
  Kamilah Al-Jamil
Kirby Howell-Baptiste
Mitch Narito
  Donkey Doug
Jama Williamson
Eugene Cordero
Mike O'Malley
  The Doorman
Marc Evan Jackson
Maya Rudolph
  Judge Gen

Dean Holland
Jen Statsky
Michael Schur

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Nice Ted Danson

By Gruic  on September 29, 2018

This season starts with a very good season premiere.

Fun and smart, with golden moments for the character of Michael, nicely portrayed by a very motivated Ted Danson. Also, the cliff-hanger is very enjoyable.


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