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September 10, 2018

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Total boredom, are we being duped?
By Jack Anderson on September 13, 2018

This episode is once again a total boredom. I am starting to feel really duped, as the show truly rarely delivers. I can understand the slow pace, but the fact that there is virtually never ever a single sense of urgency makes the show dull and maybe pointless. The relationship between Jimmy and Kim is becoming a total joyless mechanical boredom. There is no emotion whatsoever, maybe that’s the point. But the subtletly of the show has morphed into total boredom, once again.

I give it 4 out of 10. Boredom.

By danascully09 on September 13, 2018

Except the rare scenes with Mike, always so good , I start to be bored, and even in Jimmy and Kim's relationship I can't find ressource enough. I enjoyed the little conversation between Howard and Jimmy in the first's office, but that's all. I can't see where this is going... I just can't help myself desperately wait but OMG it's hard.

By Gruic on October 1, 2018

After being confronted to the death of his brother, with which he had a very complicated relationship, extremely grueling, Jimmy has to face the exact opposite situation : the death of an old lady he likes. A very simple friendship, which is Always the saddest.

That opposition was very smart and very well crafted.

A good episode.

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