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 The X-Files > Season 4

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 Written by
Vince Gilligan

 Directed by
Rob Bowman

 Original Air Date

Scully: "Ich habe kein unruhe"

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Very good
Written by Jack Anderson on 2016-01-01
Very good.

Written by DuaneB on 2018-05-12
Everything is perfect in this episode. The story is scary, just like the character. Mulder and Scully's relationship is interesting because they do not feel the same way. The game of DD, as every time Scully is in danger, is at its best. The mental delirium translated by psychic photo is a great idea, even if it seems unlikely for real ... But it's x files! And what a suspense !! For me the best loner of season 4.

This is an episode cleverly built, crescendo.
And the special atmosphere of this episode is very different from the others. The many sunny scenes do not hinder the darkness of the subject. The crazy is really great. The scene in the camping car with atrocious sadism is superb. That's how I like x files: being afraid, having a completely paranormal phenomenon 9 psycho photos) without pouring into the gore ...

Our duo is breathtaking! Gilligan! ... This guy is a real creator. And then Scully who speaks German, sexier you die!

As for Mulder, his dismay is palpable and very well played by DD, we feel at the end, ready for anything. I also love the old dentist's office of Gery's father ... And then the survey is built in a super classic scheme and it's a real treat. There is a beginning, a development with its summit (the Scully kidnapping again!) And an end.

a 10/10 deserved.

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