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 The X-Files > Season 4

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 Written by
Glen Morgan
James Wong

 Directed by
Kim Manners

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Written by Jack Anderson on 2017-09-10

Untouchable masterpiece
Written by DuaneB on 2018-06-13
Believe it or not, but I only half love this episode. I recognize its construction, its history, its realization ... In fact everything is perfect. Even the MSR is well exploited. So why not put him 10?
Well, at the risk of putting some fans back, I must admit that we can be a fan of Xfiles, and not be fans of horror movies. That's my case.
It is a trend that season 4 is taking seriously and that it will never be my favorite. To return to this cult episode, untouchable, whose pefection frieze porcelain, I think it counts among the most glaucous that the series has created.
What do we say in this episode? That a very special family, established since the war of secession, wants to defend its property, its haven of horror, its way of life. Namely the insest in all its splendor.
The episode ticks all the boxes of the perfect horror movie: the burial of the living baby, the killing of the sheriff and his wife, the scene more than allusive mom ready to be rammed by his sons.
In mirror, Scully's desire for maternity evoked in the episode, in this magnificent scene on the bench, gives us a striking contrast. The horrific incest in the dark, the night, then Scully's biological counter and his dreams,under a blue sky ... For all that, I prefer the kind of episode like Irresistible, just as unhealthy, but whose fear lies in the fact of not seeing. Here, it is the ode to horror, as in Sanguinarium. But better of course.

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