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 Written by
Chris Carter

 Directed by
R.W. Goodwin

 Original Air Date
October 4, 1996

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Excellent with small oddities
By Jack Anderson on January 1, 2016

Very good season premiere. The pictures and the light from "Herrenvolk" are beautiful. I give it a 7.

The episode works, but at times, there are some oddities here and there. The chasing scenes mostly. All works, but not perfectly. But the pieces of the puzzle surely fit.

Slightly less good than Talitha Cumi, but still a good episode. 7/10

oh Samantha!
By danascully09 on June 29, 2018

1st sequence so excellent with the introduction of the bees
After a good cliffhanger, Scully tries to threaten the ABH with her gun knowing it's useless, then she's stroken and left as an old socket (do we use this in english LOL?)

All the trip with Mulder and Jeremiah is like a dream, we enter a future universe, without understanding what is really going on but there's hope to find out what Samantha became.

Then superb scenes: Mulder in the phone cab nearly crashed by ABH, and the hollywood death of Mr X (my daughter told him: go to hell LOL) and the first encounter with marita, whom we already like.

Scully learns important informations in the continuity of paper clip and the strughold mines, the inventory via the smallpox virus. I like when she works with Pendrell :)

And finally CSM saves Teena Mulder and we understands she has or had feelings for her because he holds her hand. But who is healing her? ABH or Jeremiah? I am still confused.

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