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 The X-Files > Season 3
Hell Money

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 Written by
Jeff Vlaming

 Directed by
Tucker Gates

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Emotions, creepy and a bit boring
Written by Jack Anderson on 2016-01-01
I particularly loved the scenes between the father and her sick daughter. Finally some real emotions in the series. It had been a while.

There are some scenes that are very creepy. Particularly the ones when the poor Asian guys are loosing in the lottery and loosing some body parts.

Overall, I give the episode a 4 out of 10. Not a bad episode, but not great either.

Lucy Liu
Written by DuaneB on 2018-06-17
One of top ten worst episode.
The idea could be good, but we fall in a cliché about comunitarianism that finish to be boring.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere is there, the scenery too, but it lacks a rhythm, an alchemy. Instead we have a duet rather withdrawn, in favor of scenes between the father and his daughter.
The ghosts that are not only add to the lines of a macabre farce whose cruelty is real. The game scene is very resitute but much too long. The slowness that I have so often experienced as a basic element and guarantee of the quality of our series ends up turning against her. Enough is enough.

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