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 The Wire > Season 3
Time After Time

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Good beginning
Written by Jack Anderson on 2018-05-16
The opening scene of this new third season was perfect. I loved it! In it, the towers, famous for their crimes, are collapsing, physically. Even though this was CGI, this was elegantly done.
What I liked also about this scene is simple. It visually shows change. And change is always good, or, as Barney Stinson would say, new is better.

What is interesting and very ironic is that I feel precisely like in the beginning of the second season. I deeply miss the characters from the previous season. To summarize, at first, I disliked the characters from season 2, and now I really miss them. Zig, his cousin, the Greek, Sobotka, you name it.

Visually, I miss the port from last season. It was really stunning and I just start to understand it now.

A good episode. I give it 5 out of 10.

Written by Gruic on 2018-05-16
Season 3 is a crossroad between 2 differents visions of the Game. The Game is the Game, always, but the rules are changing. Young players does not follow the old code, things get nasty and violence is not an option anymore. The old Baltimore is collapsing with the towers and roads are thick with dust.

Like Colvin at the end of the episode, who is forced to put his hat to identify his job, we are stunned by the behavior of the new youth street corners.

This time, we have a jazzy Way Down In The Hole by The Neville Brothers. Not my favourite version but it works very well with the season. The picture of Robert F. Colesberry is shown during the opening for the first time. Rest in peace man.

As usual, we loose some POV characters and gain new ones instead.
Tommy Carcetti : a young wolf full of ambition and dream, portrayed by actor Aidan Gillen. We will plunging with him more deeply into the politic aspect of Baltimore.
Dennis Wise : a reformed criminal who will have to find his way out of the shadows of the past. Having him with Wee-Bey on jail was a very smart way to introduce him.
Howard Colvin : briefly appeared during the second season, "Bunny" will try his best to have a real impact on the "real police work".
Marlo Stanfield : the Fury and the Ambition, by actor Jamie Hector.

Politic is the new topic. Not the most exciting, but probably the most important. It is always a pleasure to discover another part of Baltimore city, the true and only main character of the series.

Sydnor is back ! He was not a part of the docks investigation and we're pleased to have him back.

Time After Time is not my favourite season premiere and season 3 is not my favourite season, but it is for sure the most essential segment and the crossroad between 2 eras.

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