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 Previous episodeNext episode Season 2 S02E25

 Written by
Chris Carter

 Directed by
R.W. Goodwin

 Original Air Date
May 19, 1995

A hacker named The Thinker is able to access classified documents about the alien conspiracy. A meeting is set with Mulder to share this data.

Cigarette-Smoking Man: Nothing disappears without a trace. Burn it!

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Best episode ever. A fucking masterpiece!
By Jack Anderson on December 31, 2015

"Anasazi" is so fucking brilliant that I don't even know where to start and need to use strong language as no word describe how in love I am with that episode.

If I had to choose 5 episodes of the series, "Anasazi" would be along them. This is simply one of the best episodes of the show, if not THE best one. Everything is amazing in this episode: the story, the dialogues, the actors, the plot twists, the cliffhanger, the actors, the direction, the sets.

Mark Snow has composed a very thriller-like soundtrack. Just by the music of the episode, we know that the stakes are high.

The stakes have never been so high in The X-Files. Mulder is finally having a full documented evidence of the entire government conspiracy.

The cliffhanger of "Anasazi" is the best cliffhanger of the all series, along with "The Erlenmeyer Flask".

It looks like a huge movie. This is the golden age of The X-Files.
Without any hesitation, I give it a 10 out of 10. CULT EPISODE!

The first trilogy cliffhanger
By DuaneB on March 4, 2018

What an amazing episode to close this wonderfull second season. Everything is perfect. It is mostly about the MSR that it is interesting. Their tension grows up while the serie delevopes a really dramatic turn. This crescendo is so brillantly builded as a perfect mixing of the mythology and the Navajos legend as well as the M and S psychology... 10 of course!

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