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 The X-Files > Season 2

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 Written by
Darin Morgan

 Directed by
Kim Manners

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Not a funny episode. Not a parody. A masterpiece.
Written by Jack Anderson on 2016-01-01
"Humbug" is the first time that an X-Files episode goes into a new direction: comedy! But the comedy isn't the "easy comedy" like "Dreamland" or "Bad Blood". It's not that difficult to write a funny screenplay with the X-Files. But it's much more hard to write an intelligent and funny story with a real X-File storyline. Here is the case. Darin Morgan's screenplays weren't "just funny", they were more than that. "Humbug" is a very scary episode too, and just for that, is a real X-File. I have said this many times and I will say it a few more times, but it's a shame that Darin Morgan wrote so few episodes... I simply love everything he has done, from his screenplays to his performance in "Small Potatoes".

Finally, Scully is taking the lead on this investigation, while Mulder is asking the wrong questions. That is a welcomed change.

Mark Snow composed a beautiful score in that episode. He didn't go with the same boring so-called funny sound cues from the latest so-called funny episodes.

what a circus
Written by danascully09 on 2018-06-12
Everything is so well treated in this episode, with always a thinking about how society can't adapt itself to human beings in all their singularity, here weirdness.
I love to discover every character, the stages sets. I love the dialogues, the sense of humor of the actors, every scene is cult it seems.
We feel every emotion, alternately: fear, shame, joy, sadness... It's wonderful to spend a moment watching TV feeling this.
I love the scene of the potatoe, of course, but I can't choose a favourite scene in this ep. Congratulations to the cast and crew

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