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Død Kalm
Season 2 S02E19

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 Written by
Howard Gordon
Alex Gansa

 Directed by
Rob Bowman

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By Jack Anderson on September 30, 2017


A good classic episode.
By DuaneB on March 10, 2018

Very dark, this is an episode that our administrator hate wrongly. The purpose is yet very exotic. The story is unprecedented in the series. This big rusty cargo ship on all sides does its little bit. The fact that our agents find themselves in Norway gives it a very Nordic and legendary atmosphere.
The flaws: some lengths, the dialogues in Norwegian are too long for not much.
The end is superb and puts in scene the true complicity that they have from the beginning; the very one that some would call love ...

A 7/10 because the scenery, the atmosphere and history have embedded me; and this despite a retrospective childish side.

ok now it has aged
By danascully09 on June 12, 2018

I remember when I asked you Jack to tell me about your disenchantment about this episode, which I've always liked. So I watched it again this week. And yes, I am agree that the make up is the worst of TV history LOL
BUT: the travel in Norway, behind closed doors on this ghost ship, with story's of government behind, I can't resist, I love it.
Mulder and Scully seem so passionates searching for the truth, even when they realized they're dying.
OK the realism is not here, because they heal finally with a perfect skin in the forward episodes LOL
I love the work on the noises in the ship, and the directing, I feel loneliness and fear all over the episode.
There's a question however: how can scully realize blood analysis with no materials???

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