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My Struggle IV

S11E10  4

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 Original Air Date
March 21, 2018

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- This will be a mythology episode.
- The episode will end on a cliffhanger, even though this may be the series finale.

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Scully pregnant... at 54
by Jack Anderson on 2018-03-23 04:40:39 ET
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Last post by lilly
373 days ago

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By Jack Anderson  on March 22, 2018

1995. I'm talking about a time that the under-twenty can not know. Nobody had an Internet connection. You had to go to the library when you had a question on a specific topic. The doctors held the ultimate knowledge and no one had a cell phone in my village. My parents were too poor to get the phone. We wrote letters to my family. And when there was an emergency, it was from the neighbors that my family called to join us. We did not have an iPad, no iPhone, no MacBook and no smartwatch. Still, life was beautiful because simpler. People would meet at bars and sometimes in the evening we would listen to the radio while reading a book.

I was a young child of 11 years old and suddenly, one night, by chance, on a television as heavy as stone, the young child that I was then discovered at the Frontiers of the Real, a series that would literally change my life. Because I became a teenager with the series, buying The Secret File as we find the Holy Grail, literally. Actually.

Back in the future. We are in 2018 and it's time to say goodbye to this fetish series that disappeared during this journey. Because X-Files is gone. My Struggle IV is the end of a screenwriter who has lost the most valuable good. I do not mean money or celebrity. I'm talking about his ability to be an artist. The man whose name I do not mention can not write anymore. And I am so in the afterlife that I will not, for once, use vulgarities to describe my thinking.

The episode is bad. So what ? What is the point of analyzing it? Kersh announces that he closes the office of unclassified affairs, between the pear and the dessert. Okay, if he wants to. It does not matter. I could talk about Mulder killing two people in such a distressing and surprising way. He kills the first person without even knowing who she is. And the second holds the key to an enigma. I could. I could talk about the fact that Scully suddenly, months after his vision, feels a sense of urgency for no reason and jumps on his phone to call Tad O'Malley. I could say all that, but that does not interest me. That does not interest me anymore.
I could mention that the resolution of the episode is one of the worst moments in the history of television. I could explain that the Man with the cigarette, this famous personage which I like to the madness is not more. Because he is now the pen of the screenwriter. The screenwriter no longer listens to the Man with the cigarette. So he killed him, first on paper, then really. We had all understood the ploy, from the trailer and from the pregeneric. So it falls flat. And we do not care.
When Mulder murders the Man with the cigarette, I received a small discharge in the belly. Because I think back to my television love affair and I am the witness of a television rape. This is where I'm still this young child of 11 years, the cassette of the Secret File in the hands, looking forward to the third season of the series.

It was obviously an ultimate affront before stopping this series, namely the fact that the future-former FBI agent Dana Katherine Scully announced to be pregnant at 54 years. The worst thing the creator had done was to finish the seventh season on that same ad. Seventeen years later, he dares to do the same, in a final baroud of honor, of which he alone can explain the reason. In the evening, when he seeks sleep. Because he has no doubt his reasons. Do the crazy people think they are crazy? That's why I'm not going to attack this character, who will have until his death, and mine, my eternal respect for his original creation. But I can not follow him anymore. He lost me as a viewer, but it does not matter, because there will always be other people to love what he proposes. And this is very well so.
If twelfth season there is, it will be in an exact configuration in seasons 8 and 9. Namely a missing character (Scully) while remaining the engine of the series. The creator does not learn from his mistakes and redoes the same choices. Is.

Scully's journey, as learned from the 11th season can be summarized that way: she was medically raped by the CSM and then abandons her love for her child in about five minutes and then is pregnant at 54. This is the worst storyline I have ever seen in my entire life. This is beyond stupidity and amateurism.

The series will come back. I promise you that. I have enough experience to confirm it. Again, the only unknown is time. In two years, twelve years, twenty years. But she will come back.

11X10 My struggle IV

By Syldana on March 24, 2018

Review 11X10

Unlike many fans, I have lived the chapters My struggle with a lot of enthusiasm. The first represented the great return of X-Files in form again of series, whereas its creator left more on a crusade carried by films. Idea to which he clings again. The 2nd will have finally brought me a very visionary scenario of the great Invasion and provided by a still brand new character who was a real nice meeting, when we left him at a "boring" stage of his life and who did not bring much to this stage of its development. Apart from big problems to his mother.
The 3 is a great snub and finally puts on stage an important link William / Dana with these visions both futuristic and apocalyptic. I liked this snatch of first meeting with William, it starts strong and immediately plunges us into the fact that it has reached a stage of its development out of norm where this character can finally on his own integrate a very chapter long awaited of Mythology. The first stage of a "new generation" struggle against the End is no longer a hypothesis but an "inevitable" future.

My Struggle IV will be the episode of William. Obvious choice since these episodes focused on the most important actors of this Mythology: Mulder, Scully, the CSM and because I sense as obvious that with the departure of a large part of the cast first generation, William will be the next have to resume the quest.

For that, it was of course something other than a banal kid. To face this three-headed monster, William had to be exceptional, but how to realize it with a vision of the future and 2 or 3 flashes. We lost more than 15 years of his life, and wanting to skip the steps would have made us tolerate such a big leap leaving the viewer in the shadows over everything else and would never have allowed us to build a relationship with him or make to be born in us an affection, a particular attachment with him. Ghouli and the attached site will have done a great job.
The kid did not just wake up one morning with all this, his gifts, like a new Clark Kent preparing for his life to become the great Superman, came little by little in a completely disoriented, lacking landmarks and a real mentor to guide him to what awaits him, and the important choice he will one day make. The big X-Men school does not exist in the X-Files, this kid will be satisfied with a panel of incompetent psychiatrists, strange encounters with men coming surely from any Consortium, and obviously he has long been watched.
William is special but he is double too. A duality long fueled between use quite charming of his gift: take other appearances, hatching an egg, defend the oppressed of a kid from his school quite violent and also adopt behaviors inherently dangerous where he can knowingly kill through of a lightning telekinesis or put the man in a mortal situation for his life (the crash of cars). What should we conclude?

William can be the good or the bad, and since the dawn of time, to possess such power has always put the being who is the holder in the face of a crucial choice: to become the Savior, or to be the Destroyer. Will he then be Superman or Lex Luthor? And above all, where does this duality come from? In his genes?

My Struggle III put the viewer in the face of a horrific revelation. The CSM created this being. Why ? After failing to rally his two sons on his side, the Evil apparently not being so attractive to everyone and the genetic inheritance not doing all the work, the CSM will surely have wanted to model a small Pinocchio to control and who would represent a first idea, a witnessing experience of what could be the Man of tomorrow: both man and Alien. But what will we fight against? If the Aliens have disappeared from the new Mythology, it may be wise choice from Carter, since we do not throw like that more than 50 years of a double-game alliance that gave rise to a whole book: Purity control, hybrids, tests on humans, kidnapped and pregnant women, Bounty Hunter ... what we keep in the end, beyond the Spartan virus invasion (idea already germinated with the demonstration of the damage of the Black Oil, the bees carriers of a virus ...), it is the idea that a woman, Scully in this case and following a crowd of events, proved to be the Elue to carry and to give birth to this first hybrid prototype.

During the first few seasons we had first glimpses of these variety crossings, but the science was still at a very early stage and many of the gestations were trials, failures, or undergoing eradication.

What makes me angry however, is that this simple episode too short (but everything was too short from the start, episodes, length of the season ...) flies over a lot of things, questions more than he responds and loses the opportunity to finally evoke what we great experts of this epic had raised off-screen.
To begin with, why Scully? The CSM had chosen her to be and alongside Mulder: judicious but not for the CSM since she protected and endorsed Mulder in her choices, and to be the Mother of this future little Jesus. Why she ? What did the CSM perceive in her so much apart in her personality, in what she would become, in her future choices, in the relationship she had with Mulder ...
The CSM is eminently strategist, assessing all the shots in advance, we can wonder if he had planned everything or if the individual choices of his son and his future companion have at some point hurt or if everything went as planned.
Then there is the maternity of Scully, it has long been thought that this baby was the addition of Mulder and Scully: assumption that I still remain under the elbow because certainly the CSM is the creator but how far? We are talking about mixing, but we are not told which ones, he used his own seed as the ultimate attempt to finally create the son he dreamed of, at no time the CSM can be explained in the details, we drop a bomb but we are left in the dark. Sorry but it's not enough for me to make "a father", at best a creator in the lab but with what exactly will know, the biological father could as well be the neighbor.
Then we have the big-walled slaughter of explosions or shots of the characters,, Monica will not have revealed his real motivations, also very ambiguous in his actions, also thin for Barbara whose character will not finally been exploited long enough and will never have provided all its true potential, when to others their level of utility amounts to a true minimum vital. Let's also talk about Scully's reaction to Skinner's revelation. No time for a speech, we do not have the necessary airtime and Skinner's voice drowns.

So certainly, she is already aware of her new motherhood, but where is the rage, the anger, the feeling to be taken again in the figure that she was used, that this son both cried and regretted as well as by Mulder (Although for a long time his torment was more interior than anything else) was still an experience, that all this suffering, all his efforts to protect this little one, his long speeches to finally find one day the pardon of William proved vain, and that this scene of a brilliant reunion between Mulder finally squeezing this son in his arms, finally exchanging with him and telling him everything he had long held in him is "all that for that? ".
There I have trouble, honestly. After Dana lost Emily tragically, had a son adopted and lived like a heartbreak, she had the right to a second chance, the chance to raise and see the fruits of her love grow with Fox who as for him deserved to have HIS child and to be FINALLY a real father for someone (including education, transmission of an inheritance ...). But...

If these two have basted so much that injustice endlessly endless and that it was time, in my opinion, that this wrong be repaired, it could only happen at the end of an era. we were clearly not going to see them in a typical mom and dad season. But the announcement of a late pregnancy does not plaster any more! Not facing such a mess of lost time for a young man that they lose in every sense of the word.

To come back to this pregnancy, I understand that many describe it but honestly it was for a long time obvious that Carter was going to play this card. I hear of course, that the Bible has always been the other side of the mirror of this series. Scully has always been the "religious" part of this saga while Mulder carried on his shoulders all the irrational part, the "beyond the possibilities".
And here we are, this Genesis long evoked in this series and which finds here its culminating point. Mulder becomes the new Abraham, Scully will be Sarah and she plays an important role again in the final scene since instead of making William the new Samantha (as I read elsewhere and I adhere to the idea that will follow ...) in Mulder's life, letting him believe in a possible return of this son, to see him go on a new long search, she keeps the truth for her. She knows of course that this child is not really dead, knowledge that it owes to its link with him. The visions will continue. But she keeps it for herself to preserve her man and focuses on his future role as a father.

I love Mulder's reaction in the final scene. Although I find it questionable the new behavior of this character in Jack Bauer mode that sacking everything in its path, cuts the floor to two Consortiums of several balls as soon as they are finally ready to make important revelations, I admit that Mulder is finally here to show his long-held emotions.
His mind collapses for William, for the fact that this long-hated father was able to shoot at him (umm and Jeffrey you had already forgotten), to have lost a father's "suddenly" fundamental title while this character had always had a spirit entirely focused on his quest to the point of sacrificing a large part of his life ... In short he acts finally as a human, and this is rewarded for a brief moment, it is now: a father .

Carter is doubly enraged by giving the impression of doing the cleaning in this episode where everything is going too fast, even (Ghouli.net gave the sensation of giving answers a little way all in one block) and to bring conclusions too hasty to the living while the dead are euthanized, but can we trust what we see?

The resolution of the image was not great, but the ball did it really crossed the head of Monica, 1 cm near it can be content to touch the skull like Mulder in Fight the future, Skinner is maybe just stuck under the car, I found his fall rather strategic in the mode I anticipate, I lie down so that it slides just above him and he stays there waiting for the moment to come out, when at the CSM he did it to us three times, it's an immortal now, it's the death of the actor who will sound the knell of this character. As for William, if he feels so alone, he is not so much that. Kyle and Molly are still on the run (never thought what a mess) and with them three, a new team could form in time even though I think William at this stage no longer needs a grown man in his life, a guide and especially a role that I would see quite play Mulder in his life. Organic or not, Mulder may one day be a father to him, because the other choice that will be offered to William will be the CSM and after what he saw it do, clearly this alliance is already damn. The CSM will definitely fail eternally in this role.

In conclusion, this episode is no longer a chapter, an advance in the Mythological field since it does not contain a real conclusion. The end does not take place but it is coming and William has not really embraced his destiny here. Many doors finally open here to a sequel, Mulder and Scully are moving towards a new life, the dead are they really and William has not yet at this stage acted to upset the future of the world. He thinks for a moment of killing himself, as a logical choice to protect the world, but that is not his destiny. For now, he's just a kid with powers, he'll be either the Savior of the world or his Destroyer and he still has a lot to learn about him.
As for his connections with Mulder and Scully, they are still in the evolution phase, because in the final genetic or not the two agents will have a role to come in the life of this boy (it would be a little easy to just turn the page on him while they all have a future role that remains to play). When at the CSM, it clearly can not just be content to leave "like that" while there is still work to do.
It is thought that the episode serves here to eradicate everything and everyone who gravitates around and is not Mulder and Scully, and ... that's all? Without real purpose? I do not foresee the future, I do not decide it, I can only note that we have a gestation ending there, with new questions, other perspectives, a staging that forces the door to a sequel, because nothing here ends in the end. And it is not the nostalgia that expresses itself, or the refusal that it ends, but rather an objective point of view on the extent of the scenes which are restricted too much on the surface since the case is too short and would have deserved a triptych and not a single episode, damn it !!!

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