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Nothing Lasts Forever

S11E09  4

    Season 11  Like

 Written by
Karen Nielsen Writer

 Directed by
James Wong

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 Original Air Date
March 14, 2018

 Guest Stars

James Wong
Karen Nielsen

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What does Scully whisper to Mulder?
by Jack Anderson on 2018-03-15 12:58:50 ET
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468 days ago

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By Jack Anderson  on March 15, 2018

The screenwriter, Karen Nielsen was not afraid. She fully went with her story, and I would say this: good for her. One can only respect her courage in telling such far-fetched story. Because that’s the main concern of the episode. While it works well at times (excellent opening scene), we cannot stop thinking throughout the episode that the story is too much. We don’t really believe in it.

James Wong did an excellent job in this episode. He was, to me, the best director of seasons 10 and 11, and by far. He has a clear vision and offers very vivid imagery.

A = B = C
The “ABC talk” (I am proud to have coined that one) between Mulder and Scully is far better than I anticipated when seeing glimpses of it in the final trailer. And most importantly, it feels so damn good to have them talking about reality. I felt so frustrated about the all chebang of Mulder and Scully returning at the FBI at their age, not talking about the real issues, that I felt like this was really an insensere revival. Therefore, I really liked when Mulder tells her that he wishes that she would have left the x-files office sooner.
And the big question left is what does Scully whisper to Mulder... And I like riddles, so I’m all for it!

This episode, in lots of ways, is a remake of I Want to Believe. Sure, it takes a different form, but many elements from the movie can be seen here - once again a proof that there wasn’t any need to produce more episodes.

An unbelievable concept but very well produced. I give it a bit 4 out of 10. Average.

An end flavor and blood for nothing

By DuaneB on April 5, 2018

The title is better than its content.

This episode is built almost exclusively on frequent quotes, but gives us an investigation that is difficult to understand.

The realization is the positive point of the episode. But otherwise it's disgusting for nothing. A mix of snaguinarium, 3, All Souls and IWTB. The result seems more disappointing than enjoyable, despite here and there beautiful pictures and environments x filiennes.

The theme of vampirism and the refusal to grow old sounds a bit like the rehash of things already seen and heard.

The MSR is finally the best aspect I try to hang on to. But even there, this over-full of Mulder's church, Scully indulging on his faith now rather than on so many other occasions .. I remain perplexed. But their conversation in the form of a balance sheet is a little pleasure in that it confirms that we have followed well, that despite these meanders of stories, the thread of their lives is the one we believe.

In sum, I find a bitter sweet end flavor in this episode. A sense of end of anticipation that almost apologizes for having cannibal vampires coexist with our duet in the midst of an existential crisis.

Little more for Snow, again. The timid bias since the revival is surely a decision that comes from higher than him, but this episode is reviving certain atmospheres of old episodes, such as HTGSC ...

If this flavor of end is so pregnant it is surely that I project a real desire to finish with x files. I think there is a moment when you have to know when to stop. Seeing this series struggling to offer us some very good episodes and to have so much ease to propose means even bad, I think the bell rang. CC will make his season 12, but we all know that the old series is dead.

A 4/10.

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