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Stark Raving Dad

S03E01  4

    Season 3  Like

 Written by
Mike Reiss Writer
Al Jean Writer

 Directed by
Rich Moore

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 Original Air Date
September 19, 1991

 Guest Stars
Michael Jackson

Mike Reiss
Al Jean
Rich Moore

- Michael Jackson called Matt Groening and told him he wanted to be part of an episode.
- This episode was re-aired by FOX on July 5, 2009, just a few days after Michael Jackson's death on June 25.

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Lisa, it's your birthday! Happy birthday, Lisa! by Michael Jackson
by Jack Anderson on 2018-08-07 17:22:27 ET
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Last post by Jack Anderson
405 days ago

 New Review

Not bad, but the beginning of The Simpsons star system

By Jack Anderson  on August 7, 2018

The episode is not bad, there is no denying about it. But at the same time, I found that Homer being sent to an asylum because he is wearing a pink shirt was not realistic, not one bit. And at the same time, having Michael Jackson as part of the episode actually diminished the quality of the episode. There was no real search, it was more trying to find a way to place Michael Jackson in the episode than really having a true need of having the celebrity.

But still, the episode ends on a very catchy tune. Happy birthday Lisa! Lisa, happy birthday!

An average episode. I give it 4 out of 10.

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