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Season 2 S02E12

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 Written by
Sara Charno

 Directed by
Rob Bowman

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Bad one
By Jack Anderson on September 30, 2017

After "Firewalker", "Red Museum", "Excelsis Dei", "Aubrey" is yet another unmemorable episode.
The pace is very slow and the flashbacks are not working so well.

I give the episode 3 out of 10. Bad.

very good story
By DuaneB on June 12, 2018

This episode still offers us a wonderful story in a lost state. The decorations are sumptuous. Mulder and Suclly offer us a nice complementarity that punctuates this unpretentious episode. And it is precisely this side "unpretentious" that ends up filling all the boxes of a good classic episode.
This completely crazy story of reincarnation of a killer in this woman is finally well found. The end gives credit to flashback a little too present, as Jack says. But this slight defeat does not manage to entangle the pleasure that I have to watch this episode. In addition, I also like the seriousness with which Scully invests. We feel all the more concerned that it is a woman; but -the advantage of the 90's- we did not fall into the trap of feminism.
It is all in skill that BJ is treated, and that by Scully reflection acts. The scene in the park where BJ tells his dream is very successful. The gray and autumnal weather adds to the gloomy atmosphere that suffocates us. A good classic without pretension but who can pretend. And what fan would remain insensitive to this old isolated house in the bottom of the campaign?
A beautiful 8/10!

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